Saturday, May 6, 2017

More Positive Thinking

Today my father, my brother, and I were out doing things in town. On the way back home, I told my Dad we should stop back at that corner store ---

I said "OK -- THINK POSITIVE" I said "Visualize a royal flush, hearts, ace, king queen jack ten".

So, we were in the van, visualizing the royal flush, trying to be positive ------

but as we headed to the corner store, my brother said "I thought we were going home" --- my brother wasn't paying attention, this might've been part of the downfall of my plans.

But, with the positive thinking of myself and my Dad together, this is what we managed to achieve::::

I bought a $6 poker lotto ticket, 3 hands.

On one of the hands, I got 2 pair (5's and Aces) winning me $4.

On the other two hands, on both hands I was just two cards away from two different royal straights.

I'm serious.  One hand was two pair, while the other two hands almost achieved ace, king queen jack ten.  Just off by 2 cards on both of them.

When we got home I tried to show my brother my excitement and the lottery ticket, but he started getting a little bit negative at me ------

which means with my brother's completely lack of attention at the positive thinking suggestion, complete lack of awareness that we were going to the corner store to play the game ---- he basically didn't listen to a thing I said, so that might've screwed us up a bit.

But --- with me and my Dad together::: Boom, two pair and just 2 cards off two different royal straights.

of course, we only got one heart on the whole ticket , even though I said we should visualize hearts.

Anyway, I'm trying. I can't help it that my whole family isn't always being all positive all together. We'll get there eventually, I hope.


In other news, my game ICBM has been ranking at 102 on the O-Rank for the past couple days ---- it's ranked #2 in TWO of its categories in the Cortex Store on Forge.

Problem is, there still has been no new sales report.

So either somehow my sales haven't been reported, or OUYA/Cortex is dying pretty hard.

if my game can rank that highly and not even sell a copy, then something is wrong.

And what I really have to wonder about is this::: Was it really so difficult for all of those thousands of OUYA owners to pay small prices for each game they played?

So much invested on kickstarter, yet nobody wanted to pay for finished products. So weird.

Oh well.

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