Saturday, May 6, 2017

More Japanese Emails

It's like every day I'm getting these Japanese emails. It's too much work to translate them all, to read them all, because they're very short messages,

and my Japanese interpreter didn't believe in it when he saw the amount of money they were offering me, and you would think that if they were offering me that kind of money that they'd send me an english message and make it longer than just one sentence. And  you'd think they'd use a uniform, precise and clearly identifying email address to talk to me ---- all the email addresses this Japanese person uses look like they've been randomly generated so she can talk to me, but I have difficulty talking to her.

She once sent me a message that assured me I would get paid.

Then she sent something about  a company called "Softbank" ---  a Japanese internet firm that deal with e-commerce.

Anyway, I was getting confused, not sure what to trust.

Why not just send me paypal money?  Even if Paypal has a maximum amount allowed to be sent, even if that number is lower than the total they promised to send me --- I could use that money, because::::

I get paid LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE. I don't even get paid for my actual work. An expensive crown I had placed on my one tooth years ago has fallen off, the tooth has decayed too much ---- and I'm only very lucky and very blessed to have enough savings to pay for a dental implant, because if I spent my limited funds on something else I would have a seriously flawed mouth.

I have some savings, which I was just hoping to collect for the rest of my life, but that means no spending ---- and now I have to spend my savings on an expensive "necessity" just to keep my oral health happy.

If I am owed a lot of money, it would be nice to have that money, because there are things that need to be paid for, and I am only VERY LUCKY to have enough savings to pay for the dental implant I need at this time in my life.  but it also means that I will probably be living with my parents for the rest of their lives. And I'll never learn to drive.

I get paid less than minimum wage. I'm very lucky that I can afford this expensive procedure from my savings.  But it also means that my life is held back in so many ways.

If I am owed money for anything::: It would be nice to get paid.

Like, I can only imagine that it's something about me that this Japanese person (who may have been from Sony, or Disney, or something) wants to buy, like I'm a video game developer --- and I have an interesting life story.


I am seriously quite capable of relating (at very least loosely relating) the Edith Finch video game to my own life.  Is this a product involved in the deal that Japanese buyer was talking about???  It seems possible, but who really knows.

Why not just send me a paypal payment?  It's so easy to do.

So yeah, basically I'm all confused about how much I can really understand or trust these Japanese emails, if they offer that kind of money you'd think they'd be able to figure out paypal.

And I kind of need money, since I am only extremely lucky to have basically just enough savings available to pay for my own dental health.

Life has become very fun and very cool ------ but money is often needed for things like extra Dental procedures where I live, and to learn to drive, and to buy a house ----- so it would be nice to get paid for whatever value I have given. :) :) :)


That means, when I relate the Edith Finch video games to my own life, he doesn't think much of it.

My Mom said I make associations that don't mean anything.

It's very sad, because there are so many stories out in the world, and when I find a story that is so well relatable to my own experiences, my parents don't seem to give a hoot. And that might not help my situation very much.

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