Thursday, May 25, 2017

I needed a plan

So last week I said I got super-excited about a certain bet on the markets I made. Yes, I did make some money on that bet.

But then I did something stupid. I wanted to make more money. I got greedy.

So stupidly, again, I eventually made the same bet again.

Anyway::: Point is, things did not really go my way so far.

I was all like -- Aaaah! this is not good!

And I had some realization in my mind that God wasn't likely to make the markets do what I wanted them to, he wasn't about to serve my greed -- especially at someone else's expense,

So I told myself I needed a good plan to fix this situation.

And for a while during the day (today) I couldn't think of anything that would really fix my pain.

But just a little while ago, it came to me.

It was like a strategy or plan on how to fix my situation had been directly beamed into my head. I took the idea, did the calculations to see if it would work, and:::

The plan was indeed a good idea, this plan that somehow just magically appeared in my mind.

I was able to protect a good portion of my assets, likely will eventually get back to breaking even, and if things go wrong then that's when things may go really right for me.

Anyway::: The point of this blog post is just to explain that I knew I couldn't make God do things on my own whim at this point, so I told myself I needed a plan to fix my situation, and somehow magically, a plan that I calculated is mostly likely to keep me safe did magically just appear in my mind.

With this plan, I will most likely just break even, but that's OK because I don't need much more than breaking even ---- the real great part about it is that I'm protecting a good portion of what I have left after the past week's disaster for the bears.

So anyway:::: Just saying, maybe I can be seen as just a real smart guy, but again, I am inclined to believe that information can be put in my head. And it's pretty good and reasonable information too.

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