Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Got my broken tooth pulled

I just thought I'd say I had my broken tooth extracted this morning. I was a little paranoid that they'd make a mistake --- but the other dentist in the office who didn't do the operation came in and said they did an excellent job when he looked at my mouth, so I feel assured.

The initial estimate for today's visit was about $900CAD, but then after it was done they said it was about $600, and when my Mom phoned in to pay with her credit card (because my funds aren't liquid right now) the price was closer to $800, with the extra $200 being for my initial "emergency" visit where I got the consultation about what to do about my fallen-off crown.

The next visit in three months is estimated to cost between $500 and $600, to continue the process of getting a dental implant to replace the tooth.

At the initial consultation, my dentist said the implant would be about $5000 in total, but when my Dad called his own dentist to get another estimate the price was estimated at about $4600.

So far so good.

My dentist is a friend our family has from the Mormon church who I've known since I was young. He recognized the reasons why I left the church, and I am very impressed that he was not offended --- because other Mormons I've had some contact with take absolute offence that I would say anything critical about the leadership or my experiences. Thankfully, my doctor understood, without offence, the problem.

My Magic 8 Ball told me to not sell both of my major stock holdings when I sold yesterday ---- I only sold most of one major holding instead ---- and that appears it's going to work. I won't even need most of those funds for a long time, especially as the next payment is so small and only after three months.

I guess I can just be glad that my bank thinks I'm special enough to offer me a really-nice high interest rate on my savings.

I guess I am rich. I read about a poll last night that said over half of Canadians are within $200 of not being able to pay their bills, and about 1/3rd polled were already not able to pay their bills.

I guess I shouldn't complain about my lack of sales --- because I even had enough to pay for my dentist even without the sales.  I guess I'm rich.

I basically went from upper-lower class at the beginning of my life to upper-middle OR lower-upper class at this point in my life, it seems.

Although, most of our financial welfare is because my Mom has a good job, and we own our house. I actually personally get paid less than minimum wage. But the bank still sees fit to offer me a special rate on my savings ----- so I guess I'm quite blessed, I am comparatively wealthy.

There's so much that can be said for being a good person, doing your best, and having a positive attitude.  So much that can be said for a society that takes care of the poor, and helps those experiencing serious problems.

I went from "about to kill myself" to doing quite well years later. Wow. Amazing.  Canada is a wonderful country.  Just be a good person and do your best. Great advice.

UPDATE May 11th 2017:::::::::

Today I received a statement of my account at the dentist. It appears my Mom misunderstood something in her phonecall where she paid my bill.

The price for us WAS $600, the extra $200 was paid by insurance.

That's good to know, since I'll have my own funds available soon, and I'll be repaying her.

So the original statement I was told at the dentist's office was correct, my mom just misunderstood something over the phone.

$600 for the other day. NOT $800.

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