Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From 3 weeks to 2 months

I saw my psychiatrist again today. I had a lot to talk about. But the doctor had something to tell me too.

There's a new medication/injection that they wonder if I'd like to try.

It's basically what I take right now ---- except right now I have to be injected every 3 weeks, while this new version of the same drug happens every 2 months (for me).

I'm not on the new prescription yet, I wanted to talk to my Dad about it.

The biggest concern my Dad brought up was if my provincial health insurance will cover it. The government would have to pay for it before we'd try it.

My concern was that I'd miss out on getting to chat to the doctors and nurses. It's nice to have someone to talk to ---- and I'll be a bit more isolated if I come in less regularly.

BUT ---- the good thing about this injection is that if the government pays for it, it would be less frequent than currently, and as a less frequent med, it would likely be less expensive for me to be using Alberta's psychiatric services, which reduces financial burden on the government, which is something they would very much desire.

Another good thing is that I'd be free to travel or whatever. I could go places, when I recuperate my funds, with a timeline like that.

So, for this, the biggest issue is who will pay for this med. I could take it as long as the province is paying.

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