Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Feeling Good

Despite some depression and some poor thoughts I was having last night, yesterday and today I am feeling good --- I feel like a kid again, except even better because my sister isn't around to get my goat.

I was having some negative thoughts on the concept of why I earn no money from my work ----- and today I think I had some clear idea or at least speculation that the government actually doesn't allow me to earn money.

I think they consider my work to be "hobbyist", or hobby work ---- though I may have been deliberately been trying to make a buck, the government didn't understand it that way, so they consider me a hobbyist and therefore money isn't supposed to be a big part of the picture for me. I think that might be what happened.

And I'm supposed to just be happy and positive --- because negativity never really helps anyone.

I've had dreams of becoming rich for a long time, but those dreams are offset by a desire for everyone to be rich.  But because I am disabled, there seem to be limits as to what I myself am capable of.

So, despite some depression and negative thoughts about how I don't get paid, I am quite well now.

Truth is, living at home with my parents there is some hope that I can achieve at least some level of wealth where I can be comfortable and happy.

Not much else to say I think. This blog post does seem kind of pointless, except as an update about how I'm doing.

I guess I'll just write an update if I think of anything else.

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