Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Excited and A Strange Email

Just moments ago I received a strange email --- this kind of email I have not seen before.

It looks kind of like a horoscope for today.

It tells me to be social. That's why I'm writing this blog post.

It also says "Be careful, however, not to let your emotions get so tangled up in your head that you can't think straight and make rational decisions."


Some internet stranger knows what I'm thinking.  Is it God? Is it a Ghost? Is it my bank or broker?

Here are some reasons it could be God or a Ghost:::

I have been feeling way too overly super excited in the past hour or two. I only told God about those feelings --- not even my parents know.

OK ---- So on the Finnish side of my family, my grandpa used the name "Anderson" as his surname in Canada.

In Edith Finch, the oldest ancestor of Edith Finch we know about is a guy named "Oden".

Basically, the name used to write to me this email was "*O*den Anderson" ----- just to keep some hidden-ness about the ID.

Oden is a Norse God. Was it God writing this email to me? God is who I told about my super-excitement.

Or was it the Ghost of an old Finnish relative, like my Grandpa?

Or --- was it the bank?

You see, this morning I watched a video on youtube, it says we can expect a crash in the stock market coming up ------

and today as I saw the S&P 500 drop more than 1% I decided to, well, make a bet.

All I can say is so far so good. By the end of the day I wasn't thinking clearly and I was all like --- What should I DOOOO???????

And then I went into a hyper-excited mania, having to wait for tomorrow to see what happens.

The bank might've suspected I was thinking irrationally by the end of the day, if they were watching my online proceedings closely enough.

But could it be God? Or some kind of fortune teller who talks to God?

Just interesting that I'd get an email telling me what to do with my emotions --- because my emotions had gone into the EXTREMELY EXCITED territory ---- and such feelings are probably a bit much as I have to wait more than half a day until tomorrow.

Anyway - yeah ---- just an interesting email to receive, as if from a Ghost, God, or a fortune teller ---- and it seemed to detect my excitement even though I'm alone in my bedroom and I haven't told anyone except God about how I feel.

Maybe I should talk to someone else now. This email tells me to talk to be social. Maybe I should visit my sister.

Just interesting how I was feeling "insane" and the email tells me to calm down. So yeah -- weird.

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