Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Told the Psychiatric Clinic

For the past several hours our home power has been out due to maintenance. I disconnected my electronics from the wall (for safety) the night before so I didn't forget to do so.

Yesterday after I posted my video on youtube (linked to in my last post) I started to feel very nervous, I had a kind of bad feeling. I wasn't dishonest, I just felt nervous. Not butterflies in my stomach, but I felt a bit scared.

And as I was writing the above, we got a phone call my Dad decided to screen --- and the answering machine message picked up the voice of a man who swore at us. Huh. Looks like a big problem maybe?

BUT ---- Shortly after posting that video I got a comment on youtube from "Epic Radio" that said "dope!" ---- awesome,

and today I saw my psychiatrist, the psychiatrist politely accepting my results from mental testing, while the psychiatric nurse got really quite excited about my news of yesterday's video.

The doctors used to seem to have a problem with psychic-type-stuff ----- now they are totally open to it.

So, yeah, weirdly yesterday I felt rather nervous about my latest youtube post, and just as I was writing this post someone was swearing at us on our answering machine ---- so who knows.

Yeah, something is wrong, my Dad has gotten a little paranoid again.

But it's also completely right the completely positive response I've received from others, most people so far seem pretty happy about my results.

I mostly feel fine now, I feel good or OK ---- but last night just had a kind of bad feeling. I was being totally honest, however.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Recent Telepathy Gaming

In all or most of my tests with my parents trying to read their minds --- I have often been wrong. Maybe they just won't let me be right.

But, I can play with my computational devices as well, so have a look at some of the cool results I got the past two days:

I started playing ESP Trainer on my iPhone yesterday. I was doing pretty OK at that at first.

Then I went to Telepathy 0 on my iPhone. I got a 6 streak.

Then today I decided to try a game I developed myself on the Mac --- Guess 3 Characters. I did pretty well at that this morning too.

Years ago my psychiatrist was making a big fuss out of my belief in telepathy, condemning me to years of drugging and ridiculed for my beliefs.

Years later, with the help of computer technology, home family testing, and the US government's admission that they were doing the Psychic Spy thing decades earlier ----- I have now proven my point about the whole telepathy thing, TELEPATHY IS REAL.

I'm not necessarily the best at it, but I can demonstrate it pretty OK.

So, now I'm pretty much just laughing my ass off, that the doctor was so forceful in trying to take away my beliefs, which is actually essentially illegal ---- especially when my beliefs become scientifically provable.

And then there's how after I tell my new doctor about how I was right all along --- the nurse then says they were actually drugging me for a different reason. They never told me exactly what that reason was ---- but the reason they said they drugged me apparently wasn't the actual reason for the drugging. So that's kind of confusing.  They made me argue about a point, and that point didn't even happen to be their logical reason --- they were essentially dishonest at that point.

The odds of getting a 6 streak in Telepathy 0 are 1:729, or 0.14%. And I was only spending a little bit of the day yesterday playing.

TELEPATHY: PROVEN!! (as far as I'm concerned)

UPDATE Tuesday, May 30th, 2017::::::

Just moments ago I made a screen recording of myself playing my Guess 3 Characters game and posted it to Youtube.

I guarantee you I was only using mental inspiration to get the results.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I needed a plan

So last week I said I got super-excited about a certain bet on the markets I made. Yes, I did make some money on that bet.

But then I did something stupid. I wanted to make more money. I got greedy.

So stupidly, again, I eventually made the same bet again.

Anyway::: Point is, things did not really go my way so far.

I was all like -- Aaaah! this is not good!

And I had some realization in my mind that God wasn't likely to make the markets do what I wanted them to, he wasn't about to serve my greed -- especially at someone else's expense,

So I told myself I needed a good plan to fix this situation.

And for a while during the day (today) I couldn't think of anything that would really fix my pain.

But just a little while ago, it came to me.

It was like a strategy or plan on how to fix my situation had been directly beamed into my head. I took the idea, did the calculations to see if it would work, and:::

The plan was indeed a good idea, this plan that somehow just magically appeared in my mind.

I was able to protect a good portion of my assets, likely will eventually get back to breaking even, and if things go wrong then that's when things may go really right for me.

Anyway::: The point of this blog post is just to explain that I knew I couldn't make God do things on my own whim at this point, so I told myself I needed a plan to fix my situation, and somehow magically, a plan that I calculated is mostly likely to keep me safe did magically just appear in my mind.

With this plan, I will most likely just break even, but that's OK because I don't need much more than breaking even ---- the real great part about it is that I'm protecting a good portion of what I have left after the past week's disaster for the bears.

So anyway:::: Just saying, maybe I can be seen as just a real smart guy, but again, I am inclined to believe that information can be put in my head. And it's pretty good and reasonable information too.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Strange Emails on stuff

For a long time now, I'd get all these fake emails at my icloud account claiming to be from Google, and most of the time I just ignored them, but on the few I actually clicked on the link --- it would always lead me to this weight loss story on the internet.

Just moments ago, I received an email that claimed to be from an old LDS Family Friend of ours --- in the email "she" says "hi, how are you? I thought you might find this interesting" -- and then there's a link to a "news site" that involves my name in the URL.

So I look at the link.  Again, just the same old weight loss story.

I look at the email for "my old LDS friend" --- it comes from the California Business Properties Association.

Confusing. I didn't think she lived in California, though I am aware that she has traveled a lot.

I think someone else, who doesn't want to be known, is trying to give me a hint that I should lose weight.

Yeah - I weigh a lot.

Here's the good news::: I've only bought two fast food cheeseburgers since March 8th 2017. I've been off the cheeseburger diet.

I've also had to punch a hole in my belt so my pants don't fall off.

I think I am slowly losing weight, now that I no longer have my fast food addiction.

So yeah::: whoever you are who just sent an email claiming to be from an old friend --- yeah, I'm losing weight.

I have suspicions about who sent me this email, but I won't say who. I just realize it's not likely actually from my old LDS friend.

So whatever.

What I suspect is someone else saw her on my friends list on facebook, took her name, attached it to an email, and wants me to lose weight. Not naming who I think it was however.

But, the person likely has some connection with California, as it came from a California business properties address ---- and there's only one person I can think of who I have any great relationship with in California. Right? :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Feeling Good

Despite some depression and some poor thoughts I was having last night, yesterday and today I am feeling good --- I feel like a kid again, except even better because my sister isn't around to get my goat.

I was having some negative thoughts on the concept of why I earn no money from my work ----- and today I think I had some clear idea or at least speculation that the government actually doesn't allow me to earn money.

I think they consider my work to be "hobbyist", or hobby work ---- though I may have been deliberately been trying to make a buck, the government didn't understand it that way, so they consider me a hobbyist and therefore money isn't supposed to be a big part of the picture for me. I think that might be what happened.

And I'm supposed to just be happy and positive --- because negativity never really helps anyone.

I've had dreams of becoming rich for a long time, but those dreams are offset by a desire for everyone to be rich.  But because I am disabled, there seem to be limits as to what I myself am capable of.

So, despite some depression and negative thoughts about how I don't get paid, I am quite well now.

Truth is, living at home with my parents there is some hope that I can achieve at least some level of wealth where I can be comfortable and happy.

Not much else to say I think. This blog post does seem kind of pointless, except as an update about how I'm doing.

I guess I'll just write an update if I think of anything else.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Excited and A Strange Email

Just moments ago I received a strange email --- this kind of email I have not seen before.

It looks kind of like a horoscope for today.

It tells me to be social. That's why I'm writing this blog post.

It also says "Be careful, however, not to let your emotions get so tangled up in your head that you can't think straight and make rational decisions."


Some internet stranger knows what I'm thinking.  Is it God? Is it a Ghost? Is it my bank or broker?

Here are some reasons it could be God or a Ghost:::

I have been feeling way too overly super excited in the past hour or two. I only told God about those feelings --- not even my parents know.

OK ---- So on the Finnish side of my family, my grandpa used the name "Anderson" as his surname in Canada.

In Edith Finch, the oldest ancestor of Edith Finch we know about is a guy named "Oden".

Basically, the name used to write to me this email was "*O*den Anderson" ----- just to keep some hidden-ness about the ID.

Oden is a Norse God. Was it God writing this email to me? God is who I told about my super-excitement.

Or was it the Ghost of an old Finnish relative, like my Grandpa?

Or --- was it the bank?

You see, this morning I watched a video on youtube, it says we can expect a crash in the stock market coming up ------

and today as I saw the S&P 500 drop more than 1% I decided to, well, make a bet.

All I can say is so far so good. By the end of the day I wasn't thinking clearly and I was all like --- What should I DOOOO???????

And then I went into a hyper-excited mania, having to wait for tomorrow to see what happens.

The bank might've suspected I was thinking irrationally by the end of the day, if they were watching my online proceedings closely enough.

But could it be God? Or some kind of fortune teller who talks to God?

Just interesting that I'd get an email telling me what to do with my emotions --- because my emotions had gone into the EXTREMELY EXCITED territory ---- and such feelings are probably a bit much as I have to wait more than half a day until tomorrow.

Anyway - yeah ---- just an interesting email to receive, as if from a Ghost, God, or a fortune teller ---- and it seemed to detect my excitement even though I'm alone in my bedroom and I haven't told anyone except God about how I feel.

Maybe I should talk to someone else now. This email tells me to talk to be social. Maybe I should visit my sister.

Just interesting how I was feeling "insane" and the email tells me to calm down. So yeah -- weird.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Unrelated to the topic of this post, most recent visitors to this website appear to be using Linux --- which is a big shift away from a previously Windows-oriented population. Oh boy.

But what I wanted to talk about was prayer.

I know the atheists give all kinds of very interesting reasons for why they don't believe in God ---- but throughout my life I have had very real experience with communicating with God and receiving answers --- even miracles.

So, in more recent years, I've prayed for various things, and I mostly don't even remember everything I pray for.  There was this one big thing I prayed for which I vaguely mentioned on this website once I think ---- and now i know that I don't even remember what it was! So who knows.

But there's this other thing I prayed for numerous months ago, and I think it's coming true.

And for the past months I'd been telling God that I'd love to have him do something for me --- but I had no ideas about what exactly he should do. Everything seemed to be going fine for me, and though I was aware that I could ask God for whatever I wanted ---- I had nothing on my mind of exact or extreme need or want. I am well taken care of.

But last night, I thought of something to ask God for someone else. I'm going to keep the details secret, so that the right hand doesn't know what the left had is doing ---- but I've got a prayer going on in my heart and mind now. I actually have a demand to make of God - to help someone else.

I know that God can help. He's done it many times before. I know God can make my wish come true --- and I demand that this comes true. And, what I ask for is actually just something to help someone else --- very little to nothing about my prayer would I consider in any way selfish.

I've prayed selfishly before ----- and God even answers those prayers, even affirmatively, so I believe God should just accept that I'm trying to bless someone else's life now. If he'll do things for me, I hope he'll do something for someone else because I asked for it.

and I KNOW that it's totally possible for God to do this. Such is not unheard of.

So, here's hoping all goes well.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Strange Coincidence -- I wonder why

I heard about all those Ransomware attacks out there in the world today --- people's data is being held hostage in exchange for money.

I look at my own life, and I'm going "what the ****?"

I don't use windows. I doubt this ransomware problem will affect me.

But what I wonder is this::: why did my crown magically fall out of my mouth??

I went to the dentist to have it glued back in, but the dentist was saying he couldn't glue it back in due to decay, and that I now have to give him a lot of money in order to get an implant, or else I'll have a gimped mouth and I'll never chew the same way again.

Basically, most people are having their data ransomed for money.

I basically had my mouth chewing capabilities ransomed for a load of money as well.

How did these two apparently unconnected occurrences suddenly happen at about the same time in the year?

What spiritual force would knock my crown out of my mouth and why??

I tried talking to my Dad about it ---- he didn't believe me that the loss of my crown may have had some spirituality involved ----- he summed it up as not enough brushing or flossing.

My rebuttal to that is that running up to the loss of my crown my dental health was very good, and no amount of brushing or flossing was going to keep my crown stuck in my mouth, as the part of my mouth that unstuck the crown was underneath the crown and inaccessible to brushing and flossing.

It's just way too coincidental that I would lose my crown at about the same time all these ransomware attacks would come up.

I remember the day before my crown fell out ----- I could feel or sense a deep spiritual anger, I wasn't angry at anyone, but it was like I was feeling a spirit that was deeply pissed off.

Just weird how my mouth got ransomed at the same time windows' users data was ransomed ---- and I may have sensed or suspected spiritual involvement, regardless of how my Dad doesn't want to blame the paranormal for anything.

Just strange. I got ransomed for my chewing, and then the whole world gets ransomed for their data. So strange.  And I know there was a spiritual problem.

The day before I lost my crown, my Dad was all complaining about how we have to spend $17 to dispose of an old fridge at the dump ---- he wasn't even paying and yet he was complaining ------ did that negativity help cause my problem? If you read The Power by Rhonda Byrne, it may have caused the problem.

Well, there you go, my Dad couldn't accept a simple 17 dollar bill, he had to get all cheap-skatey and whiney about it, so now I'm down an additional $5000, and my Dad doesn't even see how spirituality may be involved here. Good job dad.


In other news, more strange things:::: There's this iOS game I've been playing for a year or two now, and I've probably spent at least two or three hundred dollars on it over the years -----

I used to have a decent time at this game, I'd spend money, get upgrades, and I was having great fun ------

But more recently it's almost impossible to win.  The difficulty level on the game has increased soo---dramatically.

I used to be pretty good at it, I'd keep the developer fed with my payments, and he'd increase my skill ------ but now I'm just being torn apart by most of the opposition.  Weird.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

From 3 weeks to 2 months

I saw my psychiatrist again today. I had a lot to talk about. But the doctor had something to tell me too.

There's a new medication/injection that they wonder if I'd like to try.

It's basically what I take right now ---- except right now I have to be injected every 3 weeks, while this new version of the same drug happens every 2 months (for me).

I'm not on the new prescription yet, I wanted to talk to my Dad about it.

The biggest concern my Dad brought up was if my provincial health insurance will cover it. The government would have to pay for it before we'd try it.

My concern was that I'd miss out on getting to chat to the doctors and nurses. It's nice to have someone to talk to ---- and I'll be a bit more isolated if I come in less regularly.

BUT ---- the good thing about this injection is that if the government pays for it, it would be less frequent than currently, and as a less frequent med, it would likely be less expensive for me to be using Alberta's psychiatric services, which reduces financial burden on the government, which is something they would very much desire.

Another good thing is that I'd be free to travel or whatever. I could go places, when I recuperate my funds, with a timeline like that.

So, for this, the biggest issue is who will pay for this med. I could take it as long as the province is paying.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Part of God's Plan?

My sister who doesn't live in my city was just over at our house for a little while to pick up my Dad so he could drive her back to her city.

The reason my sister came to town is I think because she went to the bridal shower (or whatever a female stag party is called) of her friend, who is getting married this week.

As my sister was walking through our kitchen, I suddenly realized something::: Me losing my crown, my tooth, at this time in my life, just before this wedding, may have been part of God's plan.

Why do I say this?

Because the dentist who pulled my tooth today is the father of girl getting married, my sister's friend.

Like, I might have just provided some funding or something for their celebration.

Was it all part of God's plan to give this girl as enjoyable a wedding as possible? It definitely seems possible, at very least, a great coincidence.

Unfortunately, when I expressed this thought at my Sister and my Dad ---- they suddenly seemed to start getting offended, saying my tooth problem was just my own fault and trying to discount the idea of God's hand in all this ------ it's weird, they are or were temple attending Mormons and they started getting offended at my idea that me paying the bride's father for an unexpected surgery right before the wedding was God's plan ---- they were offended that I suspected God of being involved in this big expensive monetary transaction!!!

I've been a Mormon, I know all too well that Mormons are all about God's plans for our lives and how he micromanages us ------ so why my Dad and my good-sister were getting offended by my suspicion of this occurring I have no idea.

But it definitely seems possible, I just had my Mom give the bride's father's business several hundred dollars today, and it's only too coincidental that my crown would fall off like just a week before the daughter's wedding.

I suspect the hand of God in this.  Not sure why my Dad and sister seemed to be getting offended though.  And this was my good sister too!!!  Not sure.

If anything, a very big coincidence ---- and my old sunday school teacher (in Mormonism) told us that "coincidence" is a word God invented in order to remain anonymous.

But my own family members --- who both regularly attend or attended the temple --- seemed alarmed or offended by my supposition. So strange.

Oh well.

Got my broken tooth pulled

I just thought I'd say I had my broken tooth extracted this morning. I was a little paranoid that they'd make a mistake --- but the other dentist in the office who didn't do the operation came in and said they did an excellent job when he looked at my mouth, so I feel assured.

The initial estimate for today's visit was about $900CAD, but then after it was done they said it was about $600, and when my Mom phoned in to pay with her credit card (because my funds aren't liquid right now) the price was closer to $800, with the extra $200 being for my initial "emergency" visit where I got the consultation about what to do about my fallen-off crown.

The next visit in three months is estimated to cost between $500 and $600, to continue the process of getting a dental implant to replace the tooth.

At the initial consultation, my dentist said the implant would be about $5000 in total, but when my Dad called his own dentist to get another estimate the price was estimated at about $4600.

So far so good.

My dentist is a friend our family has from the Mormon church who I've known since I was young. He recognized the reasons why I left the church, and I am very impressed that he was not offended --- because other Mormons I've had some contact with take absolute offence that I would say anything critical about the leadership or my experiences. Thankfully, my doctor understood, without offence, the problem.

My Magic 8 Ball told me to not sell both of my major stock holdings when I sold yesterday ---- I only sold most of one major holding instead ---- and that appears it's going to work. I won't even need most of those funds for a long time, especially as the next payment is so small and only after three months.

I guess I can just be glad that my bank thinks I'm special enough to offer me a really-nice high interest rate on my savings.

I guess I am rich. I read about a poll last night that said over half of Canadians are within $200 of not being able to pay their bills, and about 1/3rd polled were already not able to pay their bills.

I guess I shouldn't complain about my lack of sales --- because I even had enough to pay for my dentist even without the sales.  I guess I'm rich.

I basically went from upper-lower class at the beginning of my life to upper-middle OR lower-upper class at this point in my life, it seems.

Although, most of our financial welfare is because my Mom has a good job, and we own our house. I actually personally get paid less than minimum wage. But the bank still sees fit to offer me a special rate on my savings ----- so I guess I'm quite blessed, I am comparatively wealthy.

There's so much that can be said for being a good person, doing your best, and having a positive attitude.  So much that can be said for a society that takes care of the poor, and helps those experiencing serious problems.

I went from "about to kill myself" to doing quite well years later. Wow. Amazing.  Canada is a wonderful country.  Just be a good person and do your best. Great advice.

UPDATE May 11th 2017:::::::::

Today I received a statement of my account at the dentist. It appears my Mom misunderstood something in her phonecall where she paid my bill.

The price for us WAS $600, the extra $200 was paid by insurance.

That's good to know, since I'll have my own funds available soon, and I'll be repaying her.

So the original statement I was told at the dentist's office was correct, my mom just misunderstood something over the phone.

$600 for the other day. NOT $800.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Oblivious to Finances

I was just telling my Mom how great it is that I have the savings capability to pay for my own upcoming dental implant, and my Mom said "You don't have the savings".

It's weird. I know that since I announced to my sisters that I was making $13/month in dividends, my Dad told me to stop announcing this information because it was getting depressing for at least one of my sisters --- and therefore this lack of announcement may have caused my Mom to become oblivious to how much I'm saving -----

But yeah, I went from being twelve-thousand dollars in debt to having a rather positive networth in just 6 years, and my Mom and sisters were completely oblivious to this.

To be honest, I think my one sister was actually surprised to hear that I had been carefully budgeting my resources, because, well, she's ADD and she admitted that she didn't know what budgeting was and hadn't figured it out until years into her marriage. Which is really too bad for her.

But yeah --- My Dad tells me not to announce my growing monthly dividends to my own female family members because it was getting them depressed -----

and now my Mom doesn't even believe me when I tell her I have enough saved up to pay for my own dental procedure. (this lack of belief may have been fueled by the fact that I'm borrowing from her to pay for the first stage in this process ---- my funding wasn't liquid enough to be immediately available).

You notice a big problem in my life???

I can tell the truth all I want, I tell the truth over and over again ---- AND YET PEOPLE JUST DON'T BELIEVE ME.

I seriously try to be as truthful as possible when I communicate, and yet many people don't accept things I say.

How strange is that?

Maybe people have just grown not to trust anything in a society that is probably at least slightly dishonest.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

More Japanese Emails

It's like every day I'm getting these Japanese emails. It's too much work to translate them all, to read them all, because they're very short messages,

and my Japanese interpreter didn't believe in it when he saw the amount of money they were offering me, and you would think that if they were offering me that kind of money that they'd send me an english message and make it longer than just one sentence. And  you'd think they'd use a uniform, precise and clearly identifying email address to talk to me ---- all the email addresses this Japanese person uses look like they've been randomly generated so she can talk to me, but I have difficulty talking to her.

She once sent me a message that assured me I would get paid.

Then she sent something about  a company called "Softbank" ---  a Japanese internet firm that deal with e-commerce.

Anyway, I was getting confused, not sure what to trust.

Why not just send me paypal money?  Even if Paypal has a maximum amount allowed to be sent, even if that number is lower than the total they promised to send me --- I could use that money, because::::

I get paid LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE. I don't even get paid for my actual work. An expensive crown I had placed on my one tooth years ago has fallen off, the tooth has decayed too much ---- and I'm only very lucky and very blessed to have enough savings to pay for a dental implant, because if I spent my limited funds on something else I would have a seriously flawed mouth.

I have some savings, which I was just hoping to collect for the rest of my life, but that means no spending ---- and now I have to spend my savings on an expensive "necessity" just to keep my oral health happy.

If I am owed a lot of money, it would be nice to have that money, because there are things that need to be paid for, and I am only VERY LUCKY to have enough savings to pay for the dental implant I need at this time in my life.  but it also means that I will probably be living with my parents for the rest of their lives. And I'll never learn to drive.

I get paid less than minimum wage. I'm very lucky that I can afford this expensive procedure from my savings.  But it also means that my life is held back in so many ways.

If I am owed money for anything::: It would be nice to get paid.

Like, I can only imagine that it's something about me that this Japanese person (who may have been from Sony, or Disney, or something) wants to buy, like I'm a video game developer --- and I have an interesting life story.


I am seriously quite capable of relating (at very least loosely relating) the Edith Finch video game to my own life.  Is this a product involved in the deal that Japanese buyer was talking about???  It seems possible, but who really knows.

Why not just send me a paypal payment?  It's so easy to do.

So yeah, basically I'm all confused about how much I can really understand or trust these Japanese emails, if they offer that kind of money you'd think they'd be able to figure out paypal.

And I kind of need money, since I am only extremely lucky to have basically just enough savings available to pay for my own dental health.

Life has become very fun and very cool ------ but money is often needed for things like extra Dental procedures where I live, and to learn to drive, and to buy a house ----- so it would be nice to get paid for whatever value I have given. :) :) :)


That means, when I relate the Edith Finch video games to my own life, he doesn't think much of it.

My Mom said I make associations that don't mean anything.

It's very sad, because there are so many stories out in the world, and when I find a story that is so well relatable to my own experiences, my parents don't seem to give a hoot. And that might not help my situation very much.

More Positive Thinking

Today my father, my brother, and I were out doing things in town. On the way back home, I told my Dad we should stop back at that corner store ---

I said "OK -- THINK POSITIVE" I said "Visualize a royal flush, hearts, ace, king queen jack ten".

So, we were in the van, visualizing the royal flush, trying to be positive ------

but as we headed to the corner store, my brother said "I thought we were going home" --- my brother wasn't paying attention, this might've been part of the downfall of my plans.

But, with the positive thinking of myself and my Dad together, this is what we managed to achieve::::

I bought a $6 poker lotto ticket, 3 hands.

On one of the hands, I got 2 pair (5's and Aces) winning me $4.

On the other two hands, on both hands I was just two cards away from two different royal straights.

I'm serious.  One hand was two pair, while the other two hands almost achieved ace, king queen jack ten.  Just off by 2 cards on both of them.

When we got home I tried to show my brother my excitement and the lottery ticket, but he started getting a little bit negative at me ------

which means with my brother's completely lack of attention at the positive thinking suggestion, complete lack of awareness that we were going to the corner store to play the game ---- he basically didn't listen to a thing I said, so that might've screwed us up a bit.

But --- with me and my Dad together::: Boom, two pair and just 2 cards off two different royal straights.

of course, we only got one heart on the whole ticket , even though I said we should visualize hearts.

Anyway, I'm trying. I can't help it that my whole family isn't always being all positive all together. We'll get there eventually, I hope.


In other news, my game ICBM has been ranking at 102 on the O-Rank for the past couple days ---- it's ranked #2 in TWO of its categories in the Cortex Store on Forge.

Problem is, there still has been no new sales report.

So either somehow my sales haven't been reported, or OUYA/Cortex is dying pretty hard.

if my game can rank that highly and not even sell a copy, then something is wrong.

And what I really have to wonder about is this::: Was it really so difficult for all of those thousands of OUYA owners to pay small prices for each game they played?

So much invested on kickstarter, yet nobody wanted to pay for finished products. So weird.

Oh well.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Positive Thinking is Good

Here's my little story from today about positive thinking's benefits:::

Yesterday I could feel it in my heart, like an angry spirit who wants to destroy me. I'm serious. I have nothing to be angry about, yet in my heart I could sense the anger of some spirit who wants to bring me down.

Well, lo and behold I woke up this morning --- and a situation developed. The best fix for this situation is going to be pretty expensive.

The really great news is that I can afford it.

When I told my Dad about the cost he immediately went into cheap-skate mode (he's been a cheapskate for a long time) and he was turning negative about the cost -----


Then as we went to get drinks at a corner store, I said "Maybe I'll win $10,000 on the Poker Lotto" ----

So now I've got my Dad in a positive mood, I said something really positive --- as I bought my $6 ticket I was thinking positive thoughts of winning the big prize -----

and BOOM ---- I won two prizes on the instant win.  $6 total, which means I got a free ticket essentially, and I'm good for three entries on the draw tonight.

Positive thinking is a magnificent force ------- I wish my family had discovered such attitudes long ago.

But yay!!! We were being at least mildly positive, and boom ---- two instant win prizes paying the cost of the ticket right up front.

Hopefully we'll keep this up.