Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Transfer Points?

I just figured out this morning that I can easily translate text using Google Translate with my iPhone using the camera --- so I used my mac email in conjunction with the translate camera program on my iphone.

For this one email, according to text translate, it means : "Cumulative assignment point" or something.

But with the phone camera app it says: "woman cumulative transfer points" --- although at one point the word woman at the beginning was replaced by the word "princess" at the end.

In a past response I did mention "disney princess" ---- although they said there'd be some kind of celebrity guest, and "(not?) Avril Lavigne" has shown up, and she's the punk-princess or whathaveyou, so huh.

But yeah, in the most emails on my computers inbox, it was just a bunch of stuff about these transfer points.

Very interesting. The mystery unfolds.

The text translation on translate.google.com does not translate the same thing exactly as my iPhone's camera with the same app.

One leaves the woman/princess out --- with this new method I'm seeing "woman" or "princess" appear.

OK then.

And Avril Lavigne or her body double has been seen in the area multiple times in past months. Huh. Very very cool/interesting.

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