Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Law of Attraction since my childhood

The truth is, my brother and I were actually very smart guys.

What went wrong? Why the mental illness?

My theory is that our "evil" sister had a way of just treating us like we were mentally ill, she would treat us like we were mentally ill, and would deliberately try to drive me (us?) crazy.

My brother and I were actually quite intelligent:::: if The Law of Attraction is true though, then it's obvious why we went insane:::: we had an evil sister who was TRYING to drive us insane.

My brother is actually quite intelligent, when his brain is working.

And yes, I think Karma did come around and did some justice to that sister ---- and though it feels like justice for me, it's so sad for her. Not going into detail though.

At least she grew up to be a nicer, better person, I think.

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