Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Composer

I grew curious today about how many copies of the Edith Finch video game have sold, so I went to to see if I could find.  VGChartz didn't even list the video game as released, it was still "TBA 2017", so I went to to verify the release date.

No, I didn't get a special early release, it has been released, it's just that the composer of the game is one "Jeff Russo".

Jeff Russo did soundtrack for the Fargo TV series.  If you look far enough back on this blog, the Fargo TV series was filmed locally near my home.

I still remember that day::: wanting to go out walking for a while, while listening to music, but down one side of the street there were dogs running about un-fenced and un-leashed, while if I headed in the other direction I think the police presence was there to say "you shouldn't walk there while we're shooting [film]."

Yeah. I mean, it was nice to know that there was a new local show in town, but I felt boxed in.

Who knows? Maybe the wireless headphones I was wearing were the problem. Maybe.

So:::: A video game which I find loosely relatable to myself is composed by a guy who made a local TV Show and the creative director's name resembles a family friend's name. OK. Hahahaha.

I hope the game has success, because it is actually beautiful, and it was one of the few uses I had with my PS4 (I tend to go for the cheaper Android TV unit, as well my Dad is often watching the TV my PS4 is connected to).

So, just curious about the sales of this game to, hence the visit to

The PS4 is a great system, but the Forge TV is more accessible and affordable for a guy like me who has a pretty low budget, a low budget while at the same time I try to save money for the future. I stopped eating cheeseburgers::: I eat real cheap at-home food now. Seriously. :)

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