Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sensory Overload

At first, I didn't feel like writing this. All the things going on are a bit much, especially as not-Avril Lavigne's appearance and japanese emails weigh heavily on my mind as I woke up.

Remember that email from Russel M Nelson? I responded to it -- but I didn't believe it was really the real Apostle.

Well, today I got an invitation from the LDS Church tv station ---- BYU TV ---- to come to their (studio?) in Provo Utah for some entertainment thing.

Today I got another invitation from a different entertainment company too, for something else.

Living such an extravagant lifestyle, if I tried to, I can't help but see myself going broke very quickly, especially as I haven't really been paid for the work on books and video games that I've tried to do.

I basically live on Disability life-support income and I've tried making extra cash to not-much-avail. (AND YES --- I AM ALLOWED TO WORK FOR MONEY EVEN THOUGH I AM CONSIDERED DISABLED).

So, I could easily go broke if I started going on all these "entertainment invitations" without getting paid --------- oh and my family is busy just trying to survive, as well as my Dad doesn't want me involved with the church.

Maybe the church expects forgiving and forgetting ---- but my Dad and I have had bad enough experiences that we're keeping it all out of sight and out of mind.

though, I suppose it's nice that they'd think to email me and invite me. The social life in the church used to be pretty good.


In Local news ----- well, for a very long time my Dad has or had suffered from a paranoid-and-irrational-fear-of-pickup-trucks (I'm actually serious, and yes, it bugs me that 2/3rds of my immediate family suffers from or has suffered from serious to severe head-problems) ----

Anyway, for a very long time my Dad has had this irrational fear of pickup trucks ----

So, I went out for two walks this morning, and both times I'm noticing a dense concentration of pickup trucks behind my house.  Very strange, it's almost like a big joke, or maybe it's supposed be therapeutic for my father ---- who knows.

But who could afford all those trucks? On my budget, that many trucks in a stack would be waayyy-beyond-my-means.

And then there's another bit of news that I'm not going to report on because I don't know all the details and I don't want to cause anyone alarm.  Just something else strange in the neighborhood too.


So yeah, today I feel like I'm experiencing 'sensory overload' ----- here I am trying to budget just $5 of food a day (by not eating fast food) and all I wanna do is reload my cereal and cheap-dinner supply --------

While I'm getting invitations to travel to Provo Utah within weeks and someone with a lot of money is making fun of my Dad or something. :)

Just weird. Too much to think about.


It definitely seems like I should kick into gear with this invitation from byu tv - I brought the email to the attention of my mom and she is receptive to the apostle's name and initials and she would probably like to visit Provo but she realizes I can't drive and she knows everyone in the family is most likely too busy to help me with this undertaking, especially on such short notice.

My dad doesn't even want me to think about the church so I'm not discussing this with him.

Besides - The expense of such a trip could put me out of business with my income, to put it simply. So far, I can't afford a trip like this and expect to feel well financially.

I do realize I should get into gear though, not sure I'm able to however.

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