Saturday, April 1, 2017

Opportunity of Life Time

I asked my magic 8 ball if I should post about the following on my blog.  Magic 8 ball warns AGAINST it ---- this time I will assume the magic 8 ball is wrong.

What I'm about to talk about seems so fantastic that it seems so unrealistic.  It seems so fantastic and unrealistic that me and my family and their friends have a hard time believing it too.

Sometime last year I started getting emails that claimed to be from someone who claimed to work on Marvel movies, whether it be part of SONY or Disney, I'm not sure --- it was all in Japanese (probably Sony at that point?).

This Japanese person wants or wanted to BUY me. Lots of money involved. My dad's Japanese friend dismissed it all as fake.

but --- also, for  quite a while in the past years or months ---- someone who looks A LOT like Avril Lavigne has been showing up at my psychiatric clinic.

I think Avril's label has something to do with Sony.

And a Japanese person writes to me about buying me, kept mentioning the word "calyx' or something like that, which is a botany term for something like a plant husk --- or maybe a banana peel.

Avril's been showing up. Sony wants to buy.

And we can't even believe our own two eyes about this things. She's right there, and I'm in shock - frozen.

The emails seem awesome, but it's hard to understand and my Dad's Japanese friend wouldn't interpret because he didn't believe it.

I mean, this has been going on FOR MONTHS ---- Japanese email from someone who worked on Marvel movies who wants to buy me, and Avril Lavigne showing up at the psychiatric clinic.

I must've been in shock or something for the past months.  When I see Avril at the clinics I can't even believe my own eyes.

OK --- it's possible "Avril" is just a body double, but to me it's basically her.

The emails were not believed by friends and family,

and the Avril is obfuscated by her pretending to be someone else who only happens to say she's a body double.

What the heck?? Have I been in SHOCK for months about this stuff?  The opportunity of a LIFETIME ---- and we can't believe it!!!!

I really should open my mouth to this girl at the hospital, at least make a comment that she LOOKS like Avril. I really should. I need to get the dialogue going.

I've just been in like a dream-bubble these months, like not even sure I'm seeing reality properly.

I mean, this post is just supposed to let it sink in::: that a Japanese person wants to buy me for lots of money, and Avril Lavigne (or her body double) has been showing up at the hospital.

I mean. Wow.  This has been going on FOR MONTHS ---- and I've basically been frozen or in shock the whole time.

of course, I hope for the best possible outcome, but now I'm wondering how I could let this go on for months and have barely spoken to this girl who looks like Avril. Huh. I need to get this ball rolling. I think. Huh.

It seems totally unbelievable ---- I'm basically frozen up with disbelief and my family and their friends didn't believe very well either.

It seems totally fantastic --- but what are the chances that a Sony employee would write me email about buying me, and Avril would show up at the clinic --- and both these things wouldn't be real?  Seems more likely it has reality to it. Huh.

I gotta kick into gear somehow. I dunno. We'll see. Hope for the best. Yikes.



I am getting all anxious and nervous now. Or, at least, I was when I got the latest message from this person who claims to have worked on Marvel movies.

Her message simply said "Easy?" in Japanese.

There have been enough emails that it would be difficult for me to go through them all with a translation program --- and the Japanese interpreter friend didn't believe.

But I have a general idea of what's been said, and I'm sure I'm missing lots, but yeah, I'm just anxious and nervous and wanting to talk to Avril, wishing I could go to the hospital and chat with her (fi that is her).

If it's not Avril, then that doesn't help very much --- but what are the chances that the girl who looks like Avril wouldn't actually be Avril? Yeah, that would be weird, or bit helpless or something.

This Japanese person clearly identified themselves. On Facebook their profile basically said they work for Triple-A Entertainment. Avril's been showing up. and I've been in shock or something.

And I'm nervous. Anxious. Kind of confused maybe.

So, yeah, I just wish I could talk to Avril -- see if she has an answer.  It appears like she has been visiting my clinic basically.

Just now I started feeling "exuberant joy - happy dance" feelings.

Something should happen, but I'm not sure what to do, besides try and strike up a conversation with this girl next time I see her.

So::: emotional, and wondering what comes next or what to do.

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