Monday, April 10, 2017

On Economic Equalization

One of the good-er beliefs that LDS Mormonism raised me with was a belief, essentially, in economic equality.

Ezra Taft Benson was adamant that Mormonism is opposed to Socialism, but truly, at the heart of Mormonism, is a belief in making sure everyone is provided for - to live in a society where there is no rich and no poor.

Truly, with all the work I have done, there was potential for me to make a huge bucket of money.

But, conversely, my Mom would not have approved.

I grew up in a religion that taught me to work for free, essentially.

My Mom has historically expressed her thoughts about how she would dislike being seriously-super-wealthy.

I believe it is good to help the poor, because I myself was once very poor and I needed help to get out of that situation.

On a personal level, I am still pretty poor, I'm still below-equal compared to a local minimum-wage earner--------

but on a family level, all of my immediate family working together and I am a lot wealthier that way --- just my living with my family I am "equalized" into a better economic state.

so::: Being with your family is good, and helping the poor is good.

When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I asked GOD for a million dollars.  He's almost managed to give it to me on at least two occasions now. :)

Profit-motive can be good, so pure economic equality seems unfeasible ------ but having a system where everyone is provided for is also important.

I would like to note that my speculative mind is very creative in thinking of possible explanations for why it's so hard to get paid for my games and books --- so I'm not complaining much --- as many explanations are pretty valid. I don't actually fully KNOW what's going on, I just speculate there could be a good reason for it.

So, I live comfortably with my parents. I haven't "achieved" my goal of a million dollars, but I've come close at least twice ------ maybe my Mom just doesn't want me to be super-rich.

I suppose living at home with my parents is a good situation -- as long as we are properly medicated.

Not much more to say.

I just hope to live in a world where everyone has at least the basics (and maybe more). Profit motive gets things done however.

Ah just saying my mom didn't want to be super-rich and I'm trying not to complain about lack of reported sales. I just hope it's for a good reason.

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