Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Looks like it's for my Mom

Today I was looking at my Apple Music, and I found a new rock band that involves my "mom's name" in their band name. I added the music because it was decent and I thought I'd show my mom later.

Now, I've played to the first couple of save points in this "Edith Finch" game ---- and I'm going OMG OMG OMG.

The first opening scene of the game was awe inspiring for me, but I won't say here.

I'll just say that the game seems to relate pretty good with my Mom, because I've been a part of my Mom's life well enough to know that this game is likely for her.

And it's a beautiful game too. But, I had to put it down to write about my excitement in this blog post.

The one major thing that I could see in this game that related it personally to myself, besides my mom, is this:::

The girl says she knew someone named "Lewis" (Louis? I can't remember the spelling) when she was young, but he died when she was young.

This relates to me, because I had a friend online I knew as "Lews", and yes, he died while I was still pretty young.

So, there does appear to be a reference to me in that way, a friend who died when I was young, but mostly I can see my Mom in this game. I have to show it to her.

A number of things can cause me to relate this game to my Mom, but I will not explain here.

Also:::: In the extra areas of the profile for the game, I noticed a bunch of Japanese writing. A clue?? :)


Remember how my ex-Stake President's name in the LDS church was "Stephen Miller", and how that kind of compares with "Stephanie Meyer", the writer of the Twilight books?

The Creative Director of Edith Finch is one "Ian Dallas" ----- a name easily comparable to someone I know "Ian Davis".

Ian Davis has been an acquaintance of our family for a long time, and is a close friend of my brother-in-law.

Just a coincidence? Kind of like the Stake President's name comparing with the famous author?

So weird.


Part of my brain is trying to tell me not to think much about this game, that it's "just another videogame", pretty much accusing my personality of being paranoid.

I don't really know what's going on, so why should I think this has anything to do with me?

Except, my memory from earlier ---- my curiosity and interest were immediately piqued when I saw the name "Finch" in teh game title ---- the trailer reminded me of some themes of my past work, and then, when I actually played the game ------- I'm not going to spoil anything about the game from the short amount of it that I've played already, but when I was playing in my mind I was able to easily draw comparisons between some ideas in the game and my Mom.

Of course, it's not a perfect or even exact copy of my Mom, they've used lots of artistic license, but a number of elements of what I already saw are right there in my Mom's life.

I shouldn't be paranoid, like part of my brain is accusing me of being paranoid ----- but another part of me can't help but draw comparisons.

If anything, the game has very pretty graphics.

Maybe I'm just tired -- there might not be an actual good reason why I'm posting this additional, other than I've started to fear my own paranoia on this game. I can already see it in my head "it's just a video game, stop being so paranoid" ---- but it compares so well with things I already know in my own life. Oye.

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