Saturday, April 8, 2017

Life is so big

Life is so big. I feel so small. I'm a big person, but I am very limited.

With all these Japanese emails, which initially seemed to offer a lot of money ---- maybe I'm disabled and naive by even bothering with these messages ------ and even if they were for real, what they offer is probably bigger than I am as a person. Could I handle such a transaction? Maybe not? But, I am not allowed to forget this Japanese person --- the emails are incessant (which is a sign that this is not for real I'm guessing).

But life is so big, and I know I can't handle it alone.

But I don't have any real good close friends.

I have my family. I have some "distant friends" ----- my best friend is probably my Dad, but he is not much of a gamer, so I often don't get to play multiplayer video games besides Clash Royale.

I have my family, but not much friendship beyond that.  And when my family is pretty heavily handicapped ---- life seems like a bit too much. We go smoothly along,

but how to deal with my business of trying to make money seems to be more than I can handle, or we can handle.  There's just too much involved when it's not a simple process where people would just pay me.

Ahhh ---- my credit card is max'd out and I just had a credit card automatic bill declined ----- yes, that's a bit much, got an emergency now. Gotta go.

At least I have a family that can likely help me with this situation. yay.

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