Monday, April 3, 2017

Latest Email

To be honest, I don't read every Japanese email I receive -- there are too many of them, and the amount of trust placed in them around me is very low.

But in recent blog posts I said the sender claimed to work on Marvel movies for Disney or Sony or something.

The most recent visible message on my iphone I looked up (some messages go to spam, others to a Japanese filter folder I have --- I can't read them all, which is too bad if this is real, but it also makes me nervous and anxious).

Anyway:: the most recent visible email on my iphone said:


Which Google Translate translates as "Fricomic's".

What's that mean? Friday Comics? I mean, I can see the comic part and how that would relate to Marvel.

So yeah, just lots of Japanese email, all short messages, which I can't be bothered to translate every single one. I just have the gist that they wanted to buy me, they said there'd be a celebrity guest appearance (Avril Lavigne maybe?) and I'm wondering how badly I'm screwing this up.


I have an OLD email address I don't even use anymore -- but I still accept email from it.  This is the email address I used to sign up for my LDS Account, and receive emails from the local Stake or Ward leaders or clerks or whathaveyou.

Well ---- I received a message from "rmnelson" this morning, and it's not a normal message, nor does it look officially church related, it's just a simple message and I have to think about what it means or how to interpret it.

rmnelson most likely might be RUSSEL M NELSON --- An LDS Mormon APOSTLE.

Yeah. Just a weird little email to receive from an address that at face value claims to be basically an LDS Apostle.  Just weird.  And it might need interpretation or context. Hmmm.

Well, that's interesting, to get an email like this --- although I wonder what he's doing at that email server. I suppose it's possible --- who knows.


Immediately after posting the above I looked up "Fricomic's" on Google --- It might have something to do with Spanish Star Wars.

That could be Disney. Wow huh.


I took an interpretive view of the email from rmnelson in my email ----

When taken literally, the message seems random and doesn't make any sense ------

but if I start re-arranging characters, it basically says:

"TV is not filtered, it's going down the tubes" ----- which is basically the LDS way of saying that somehow Nelson knows (maybe?) I was watching a really bad tv show last night.

Yeah the show (Trailer Park Boys) would not be approved of by Mormons, and even I had to turn it off because of how bad it was getting.  Just really bad behaviour in the show. Though it seems funny to watch.

But yeah --- who knows ------ last night I watched some "terrible" television that even I couldn't go all the way through last night, and today "an lds apostle" sends a basically coded message that I'm not behind a filter and my viewing habits have gone down the drain.

Really weird.

Is it really an LDS apostle? Maybe - why would anyone steal his ID???  And I suppose there are some ways he could know what I was watching last night, like if an angel came to visit.

And my brain is just weird how I'm able to look at his message and give it a special interpretation that kind of makes sense if you re-arrange characters and junk. Yeah. huh.

But yeah --- the show was getting so bad not even I felt I could watch all the way through, it just didn't appeal to my psychology at that time.

Weird stuff.

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