Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is it just my eyes???

Almost whenever I write an email or a blog post ---- I am always usually pretty sure I have the message properly typed out, even with proof-reading.

But then, when I send or post the message, invariably the computer almost always seems to change or delete one of my characters in one of my words in what I just wrote and sent or posted.

It's so annoying!!! I am usually pretty sure about the quality of my writing, but it's like the computer inserts typos!!!

Happens a lot when I program too!! I feel like the most absent minded guy.

Well, today I was doing an online course for learning the Swift programming language, and I think I might've seen a clue into the problem:::

The playground the teacher was showing had a simple statement:

if (x < y)

That's all well and good, but as I looked at the "<" in the statement, my eyes appear to have some kind of problem where the < can appear to look like a >.

It's the weirdest thing how less than became greater than, and I could see it switch between the two as I concentrated on the character.

Either the screen of the computer was changing the character,

or at this point I'm now thinking it's likely that I've got a problem with the lenses in my eyes or whatever, and somehow the < gets reversed to >.


I was actually noticeably physically watching the character go backwards.  Very weird.

Hopefully it's just optical and not dyslexia.

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