Monday, April 10, 2017

I hope it's not wrong for me to discuss this

A few days ago, I watched an episode of a documentary on Netflix, I think it was called "Nazis on Drugs".

This documentary basically revealed that Nazis were able to quickly take over Europe, and they claimed their super-human ability, because they were all high on Crystal Meth.

Crystal Meth is apparently a very strong stimulant that can keep you going for days without sleep.

The Nazis were able to take over France because their army didn't need to rest --- they just kept going and going, very quickly.

And they got the ability to go for days without rest because they were on Crystal Meth (called Pervitin by their pharmaceuticals back then).

NOW:::: I WILL compare Nazism to Mormonism, or maybe, contrast, or maybe, we'll just get confused.

Mormons have their word of wisdom.  It says if you follow as prescribed, "You shall walk and not be weary, run and not faint".

Mormons, in their word of wisdom, as they interpret it, do not drink Coffee, and for a long time it was widely believed that the MILD stimulant caffeine was also banned.

And, of course, I'm sure any mormon will tell you that Crystal Meth is a "DEFINITELY NOT"!!!

But that's the thing though, because the Nazis went running for days on end without sleep BECAUSE of the drugs they were on,

While Mormons expect you to do basically the same thing WITHOUT even Caffeine.

I went a long time in my life without much or any caffeine --- and I know the drive to fall asleep is strong.

Basically, Joseph Smith claimed you will get the effects of an EXTREME stimulant without doing any drugs at all,

While actual science and history tells us you are going to fall asleep without your Crystal Meth.


I have basically understood that Joseph Smith wants everyone to be on Crystal Meth, while at the same time claiming to be drug-free.

Because if you were really drug free, you wouldn't actually run and not be weary and all that ----

A mormon would fall over from too much running easy,

while a nazi could run for days on his crystal meth.

Yeah, something about the claims of Joseph Smith aren't making sense again.

Or was this Documentary just anti-nazi propaganda? I dunno. Why would the documentary lie?

Joseph Smith WOULD LIE.

Why would a documentary make stuff up?

So yeah, basically actual history and science again refute the claims of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church.  Obviously someone is not telling the truth.

And I just hope it's going to be OK for me to discuss Nazi's on Drugs on this website, because I'm comparing it to Mormonism, and the information is based on a Netflix Documentary.

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