Sunday, April 2, 2017

I feel useless in this 'process'

The Sony (or Disney?) buyout emails were considered fake by friends and family.

They like to say the girl I see is just a body double of Avril Lavigne.

Apparently, not much can be trusted in my environment.

Why would anyone fake a buyout with an Avril Lavigne body double hanging around?

Maybe someone is just trying to make me feel good, after all I've done, and how all I get is AiSH.

If this is really fake, then it would be "trying to help Kristian feel like he's achieved something just to help him feel good about the dismal state of his sales".

But what if it is real?  What if people around me don't know how to properly identify Sony (or Disney?) and what if Avril Lavigne has come to check me out or at least provide me with moral support or comfort?

I would LOVE to have achieved something with my work ---- AiSH is basically the bare minimum for living, and it only really works if you live with your parents, or with a room mate who also makes money.

I've been trying to make money --- but something keeps me down --- whether is nobody is paying me, or people telling me this Japanese business is fake or whathaveyou, as well as people who won't allow me to be friends with Avril Lavigne.

I've been trying. I had all my prices down at $0.99 for a long time, and apparently people just couldn't pay that price.

Dunno what to do.

Maybe someone is just trying to help me feel good with pretty fantastic appearances and offers ----

Or maybe I've almost made it, maybe my Day is coming ----

but I feel so useless in the process. I only see this Avril-like girl once in a while, and historically I've just frozen up when I see her.  And it's just not the easiest thing to do business in Japanese, when the emails seem hopeful but don't seem totally official.

Just feeling useless about this process. I'd love to achieve success, but there are lots of nay-sayers, and I'm not really sure what to do, or even what to believe.

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