Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How I Changed the World?

I just received an email from Plan Canada --- they're telling me about how much I've changed the world.

The thing about emails like this that confuses me is that they say I did all this, they don't mention it as a job of all Canadians or a job of all Plan donations -------

the exact quote from this message is "Can you guess how much your gifts of hope have changed lives?"

The only other mention for being involved here is "*Some of these projects received financial support through the Government of Canada" (I assume through price matching).

Basically, explicitly, all this message says I that me, with the help of the Government of Canada ---- gave tonnes of help to impoverished people throughout the world.

The amount of help given ----- I could only imagine this would be true if it was the Government of Canada or if other Canadians were also in on this ---- but they leave other canadians out of the message, as if I myself personally was responsible for all this charity.

I remember a message from Plan from a number of years ago --- I will look it up ......

I was looking at older emails that are similar, but am not getting all the info because the images and videos and pages in these messages no longer exist.

Anyway ----- Plan has a way of telling me that I, myself, did all kinds of things, and I just sit here being confused.

The only way I could have done all those things through my own donations was if I made tonnes and tonnes of money from sales, and those sales were donated to charity.

Helping people is good.

So yeah, I'm confused ----- is it really just me doing all these charitable donations, or is it all of canada together as a whole?

Now --- if it is all of canada together as a whole ---- then if they can afford all those donations, then surely they could afford my cheap products right? But I don't see sales?

So maybe I do sell a tonne, and maybe it gets donated to charity, hence why Plan Canada specifically/explicitly states that I'm providing all this help without mentioning anyone else except for the Government matching my donations.

Either it's just me and the government, or it's all of Canada.

If it's just me ---- then that surely explains where all my sales went.

But I don't really know.

And yeah ---- it's A LOT of charity.

Helping people is good.

If all of canada could afford this charity, then surely they could afford to buy my products. So who knows. (somehow just not seeing any or many sales)

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