Thursday, April 27, 2017

First! Member of team #Canuck

I woke up this morning, got an email from the World Food Programme at the UN ---- they asked me to join team #Canuck so us Canadians can donate 150,000 meals to hungry children in our 150th anniversary celebration.

I joined the team, and donated the 1 week's worth of food they asked for.

I was supposed to spread the word by using the hashtag #Ask1To Ask1 , so I did using Facebook, although I'm not sure my friends will necessarily be interested.

Yeah, just funny for me that I'd be the FIRST and so far ONLY member of the special Canadian team for ShareTheMeal (app on iphone) from the the UN's World Food Programme.

Either I got lucky, or who knows? Maybe I'm considered to be a problem, so I get segregated from other Canadians? Or maybe not? I don't know.

I try to be a good person. I'd say there are a lot of trouble-making Canadians I've seen through my life, so does it make sense to segregate me from the rest? Or am I the first? Who knows.

Hopefully other Canadians will join the team, because I'm not sure you can rely on me to get us to the 150k of meal donations mark. I have my limits!


Last night my mind was racing to think about that Edith Finch video game. My brain just couldn't let go thinking of it, until I started thinking about wanting to play with my Apple II again.

So, I guess, the game is only coincidentally connected to my old moniker in title name, and the first part of it seemed like my mom, some parts kind of remind me of myself, and now there was one part that -sort of- reminded me of my one sister.

Maybe I shouldn't think much of it. Maybe it's only a coincidence.

If anything, it's actually a beautifully crafted game.

It's just a coincidence. Although some things do seem to compare a bit. Heh.


I had another look at the email from ShareTheMeal ----- looks like this Canadian Celebration of Giving is supposed to start on June 26th. But the email says I'm also allowed to share this message with my Canadian community.

Sad thing is, I am introverted, without much in the way of friends and all that. But I've done what I think I can.

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