Friday, April 7, 2017


The last email in my inbox from the Japanese person: "Reigistration completed for 10 yen".

And then ---- BOOM ---- I think she signed my OUYA address up for Snapchat --- in Japanese.

Well, I'm confused.

I thought buying me would mean Disney might take over Blaine Bananatree or maybe Sony wanted the Bananatree games on PS4 ------

I've obviously misunderstood something (no surprise there).

Well, now I can't help but think the whole thing is going to fall through --------- I'm not much of a picture taker (for public viewing) and my family thought the whole thing was fake anyways.

What am I going to take pictures of? My hairy nostrils? Hah.

I know Avril Lavigne is apparently into SnapChat (as Twitter keeps reminding me) ------

But yeah, I don't see money being paid to me, I don't know exactly how SnapChat fits into this, and yeah

--- right from the very beginning I was pretty confused about what was going on with this emails, I never fully understood.

But, who knows.

But with recent things going on, I can't help but wonder if this is more Avril Lavigne related than it is computer game development related.

1) not-Avril is sighted multiple times in the past months.
2) someone has a lot of money for a lot of trucks.
3) invited to byu tv --- rock up mormon television somehow?
4) Avril is big snapchat user --- Japanese "buyer" signs me up for snapchat ----- coincidence?

Who knows.



I suppose there is some reason to disbelieve in this Japanese business, especially as signing me up for an account I didn't ask for, keeping the passcode to themselves, and I don't even know what birthday they put in -----

Yeah, it might be a little sketchy on how this is real -----

but rather than verify the Japanese snapchat using my email address, I signed up for my own, real, english truly legitimate snapchat.

My contact name or ID or whathaveyou is "krisattfield".  that's me. On snapchat. I'm very lonely. Not that it matters, because I'm not quite sure what I'd be taking pictures of, especially as I'm not a beautiful woman.

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