Thursday, April 20, 2017

An Unexpected Phonecall

Information travels doesn't it?

A little while ago I got an unexpected phonecall. I didn't recognize the phone number so I screened it.

I looked up the phone number online and found that it's an equipment or construction company from Balzac Alberta, which is very unusual.

My first thought was that it was likely a wrong number. This probably was the answer.

But then I also realize that I own a few shares of a REIT that is involved in industry.

Could I have received this phonecall because of my minute say in a potentially industry related company?

After receiving a phonecall from a company related to my brokerage months ago, I got a phonecall from an unidentified financial institution ---- could this have been because of the Canadian Financial ETF I owned a bunch of shares of at that time?

I'm still pretty poor --- although I am technically "rich" compared to so many other people ------

but I didn't think that my share of these companies would make me a big enough player that people would phone me about it.

Although, there was once a time years ago when I owned quite a number of shares of Cineplex (which I eventually sold to pay off debt) and I think I used my influence with those shares on Cineplex to release religious movies in theatres at that time, which was interesting.

With Cineplex, I didn't get exactly what I wanted, but they seemed to go with religious themed movies for a while, perhaps inspired by something I said. So yeah. who knows.

So, I don't know what this phone call was about, probably a wrong number::: just going to say that I'm not a big player in any company I own, so I don't see why anyone would phone me about whatever role they might think I play.


I checked my email today ---- Facebook is telling me there's quite a bit of activity on my The Book of Finch facebook page.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

The story of my life had some big exciting parts in it ---- but that story is "crap-tastic" enough that I'd be afraid if it came to haunt me at this point in my life, a point in my life where I now feel good about living, happy, and am enjoying myself.

Of course, with all this interest in my book, you'd think I'd have seen many sales for my books.

So--- where are the sales?

There are options about what's going on here::: Like people refuse to pay, and just use the free version. Or maybe my life is viewed as so craptastic that I'm not allowed to profit from my life so they donate it charity. Or maybe it goes into a secret and hidden Registered Disability Savings Plan for me. Who knows.

Part of the joy of doing the work I've done would have been to see the sales reports ---- but I don't get to have that, for whatever reason. Something strange --- Facebook says there's a lot of activity, but I don't see activity in my portals.

Who knows.

But other news in regards to literature::::

I've been reading this book since I went camping last year ----- in my more recent reading, later in the book, Max Payne is mentioned alongside with Batman and Superman. Hmmmm. And a boy gets help from a Demon to write a piece of music. Kind of reminding me about how I wrote my own music for Pfhonge, though I am untrained in music.  Hmmmm.  And the story is about psychiatry and all that --- and the last name of the front cover book reviewer has a similar surname to my MLA's surname. So who knows. Picked up the book for cheap from a dollar store. Yeah, really, who knows.

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