Monday, April 17, 2017


Since my latest posts where I would be wrong no matter what side I chose, two interesting situations developed.

OK ---- Remember how if I turned against the Mormon church that I would be considered abusive to women?

It almost seems like someone out there in internet-land realized what the beliefs of the Mormon church were and said a prayer to curse the females in my family ----

I didn't have to lift a finger to hurt them, in fact, I show them the obvious morale support,

but yeah, since those two most recent blog posts adverse situations have come out of pretty much or almost nowhere and two out of three of my immediate family females are facing problems. And the third female faces automatic issues every day for the past however long.

For privacy's sake, I'm not going into detail::::

But every single female in my immediate family is facing difficult issues now. One had already longstanding issues, while the other two issues just popped up in just the past day or two.

I wish I could tell them how I understand and how to fix the spirituality of this situation --- but I'm not allowed to. And they probably wouldn't believe me anyway ---- my talk about The Law of Attraction (AKA The Secret) often falls on deaf ears.

So::::: It's like some magical force decided to turn against my family's women, and I didn't have to do anything.

The most major personal issue I've had to deal with  over the years was mental illness ---- but I've had plenty of help and support for that, and it's obvious why I would be having issues with that.

While other members of my family seem to have it so much worse than I have had.

I wish my family would start being smarter, but often Mormons don't know everything about their belief systems, and even if they find something un-wanted in their beliefs they just ignore it or put it on "the shelf".

Mormons often don't realize the full system of beliefs in their religion for quite some time, if at all.

So::::: if I was anti-Mormon I would be "abusing" the women in my family, but natural forces of "science or magic" are enough to turn against my women by themselves, and now I get to show my women morale support so I don't seem like the "bad" guy. Huh.

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