Friday, March 17, 2017

What I Watch

I watch a little bit of Netflix --- but I watch a lot of Youtube. Educational Youtube.

Google figured out a way of figuring out what you are interested in, and then putting videos in your feed on that topic.

I learned about Mormonism, religion, Linux, the economy, banking, and winning the lottery. As well as being fed these "anti-materialism" videos. And stuff about telepathy.

Anyway --- there's TONNES of VERY INTERESTING content on Youtube.

And I'm pretty sure they gear your feed towards things you are interested in --- things special to you.

Maybe they talk to me about the lottery because sometimes I visit -- the Western Canada Lottery Corporation's website.

But I just kind of wonder when they're showing me a video about "How to invest your money if (when?) you win the lottery".

Basically, in my mind I'm just going back to the concept of how I had the potential to make a lot of money on my work, I saw a 2.6million price tag for my product, but I don't see sales or revenue at all or at most in very minute quantities.

Maybe there's no point in trying::: people just won't buy things. They prefer freebies and stealing, a couple bucks is WAY too expensive. Apparently.

I had the potential to earn a lot. I got very very little from my effort, and put so much of my own resources into these projects.

And I found evidence that people just didn't want to pay even the smallest amount for my work -- they wanted it for free, or they wanted to steal it.

But what if I did sell copies? If I sold a million copies, I wasn't told about it.

If I sold a million copies, there are people who should know --- like me for one, the government too, and I'm sure the Unity 3d people would like to hear about that too.

Yeah, it was just amazing how little I charge and how people just wouldn't pay.

That tells me there's likely something wrong. And it's a big problem.


And after proof-reading the above, my mind remembered a concept about Universal Basic Income:::

On Youtube, I learned that that with UBI you could be taxed for your business based on an "Automation Index" for your business.

Seeing as how my business is very automated, with me doing some work to build the product, but there's unlimited distribution very automated,

well, with such high levels of automation in my business, a UBI BAI (Universal Basic Income Business Automation Index) would tax me pretty heavily. So maybe that's maybe a reason.

Yeah, Youtube recently told me about that too.

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