Tuesday, March 14, 2017

They Phoned Me

Earlier this morning I mentioned that Xiaomi emailed me. I was cautious but hopeful. I wasn't too sure what to make of the message, but I did eventually send them an email asking what was going on.

And then, today as my Dad and I were fiddling with Software Defined Radio on my Linux Laptop --- I got a phonecall on my personal cell phone.

I didn't recognize the number, and from past experience I knew that unrecognized number phone calls tended to be garbage, so I screened the call.

I decided to look up the number that called online:::: The NDP phoned.


Alberta's ruling party phoned, and I'm not even a member of the party. I have historically showed tendencies to support them, but I'm not actually a member.

So, now I've got a mysterious email from a Tech Giant that I have to wonder about, as well as having to consider that the ruling party of my homeland just tried to contact me.

I feel so small now.

There is so much that goes on in my world, and I can't bring myself to remember everything important all at once --- especially when I suffer from severe psychological issues.

But there you are. The big guys are coming. And then in a week I'll forget about it all, and then who knows what will happen, if I'm ever so skittish about human contact.

So, is this all good news?

Some recent good news is that I've been low on cash for this current month's budget, so I've forced myself to kick my fast food habit.

For so many years I was addicted to eating out.  This month it's just not economical.  And that might just be a healthy thing for me.

I can have just as much food or more from cheaper sources, so I'm not complaining.

Hopefully I can completely kick the fast food habit, and live healthier and wealthier.

And the really good news is I'm not suffering from cravings, so yay.

But yeah, so much goes on, I can hardly think about it all at once, and today was just interesting.

I might as well also mention that the NDP will table their budget in the legislature on the 16th. So, something is going on.

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