Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Mormons have their way with the NDP?

So:::: In pretty much ALL my media, I've been going on and on about Mormonism and their version of the doctrine of "forgiveness".

In past weeks, the Federal Liberal party came out and said they wanted religions to be protected.

So somehow, according to this email I received from an opposition party leader ---- the Mormons basically just got their way with our NDP Government.

The email says:

"Did you hear about all the violent, accused criminals who are receiving a get-out-of-jail-free card from the NDP government?

Right now, the NDP is staying charges for those accused of everything from impaired driving to sexual assault to first degree murder."

This is what the Mormons wanted, since the days of Joseph Smith.

In D&C 64 the Mormons teach "YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FORGIVE ALL MEN".  There is no personal choice on this matter in mormonism, EVERYTHING is forgiven.

So yeah, basically the Mormons were always telling me to FORGIVE EVERYTHING ---- and now such beliefs are showing up in our democratic law.

I guess, if that's the way the Federal Liberals want it. Or whatever.

Being forgiven for things I've done would be nice, since I was told before I started the behaviors that the Mormons WOULD forgive me (which they didn't, at least initially, and they didn't, for a long time).

So yeah, Ezra Taft Benson, a past Mormon prophet, taught that Socialism is evil --- and now the socialist NDP are implementing a Mormon teaching in public policy. So there you go.

I will also note that my Dad just couldn't believe the email I received. It seems unreal that such would all just be forgiven.

But yeah, it kind of feels like someone has been reading my books, or my emails, or my blog, or watching my youtube videos, or something. Heh, but who knows.

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