Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sex is a Nuisance

I think it was the ancient greeks (and I cannot remember where I heard this, but it is something I seem to remember from somewhere) decided that sex is a nuisance.

There are so many more productive things to do with your time than having to be occupied by nature.

I agree that sex is a nuisance, I went from the age of 14 to my late 20s feeling way too overpowered by sexual urges for so long, and it was a nuisance --- the reproductive urges were to strong and they were a distraction.

The good thing about Mormonism is that they inhibited my sex actions, meaning I never really touched a girl in a big way ----- and I think this has actually done me a tremendous amount of good.

Someone with less inhibition with my hormones could have caused a lot of trouble --- the inhibition kept me out of trouble, and I think I'm better off without a woman now that I'm older - no kids, no crazy lady, I am free to live my own life ----- thank you LDS Mormonism.

There likely is something wrong with me, if no woman would actually be with me. I mean, there have been women from time to time who seem to try to be with me, and I started ending it before it begins personally,

but in relationships where I was interested ---- somehow the girl stops being interested, which might mean there was a problem with me.

I could be the most intelligent boy at school, top of the class, and the girl could run around the world telling people how much she "loves" me --- and she still wouldn't actually be with me!

Yeah, I guess there might be something wrong with me.

I heard women are all about good emotions and good feelings.

I know what good feelings feel like, but I personally have very little interest in feelings. Maybe that's why women resist me so easily.

So, I'm obviously not perfect, and Mormonism actually helped me by keeping me away from the ladies (not that the ladies really wanted me anyway).

SO:::: I was over-active sexually, and women didn't want me. And it was that mormon church that helped inhibit me. So yeah, basically something was wrong.

Sex is a nuisance because of how much it needs to be done. It's a waste of time--- but nature desires constant reproduction it seems like, and it's annoying, so therefore it is technically a nuisance.

And I could have been a bigger nuisance without the inhibition. No woman actually wants me, even if she says she does.


In relation to my last post where I could have been considered evil for being a Mormon:::

it's true actually, I look back at my memories of high school when I was still doing the Mormon thing --- and I realize the other students weren't so accepting of me when they found out I was LDS.

I heard one of the teachers hated Mormons, and then Avril Lavigne's fanclub also rejected me for being Mormon.

So, as I've seen it in society as a whole, Mormonism is actually generally frowned upon --- even by the 2/3rds of Mormons who eventually quit!

So yeah, I was a totally gung ho mormon for a while, and that didn't make me the greatest guy ever.


So, though we would all like to be loved, there may be reasons why people wouldn't like me.

But the good news is I generally get along with most people now.

So what's the next step in talking about my less than great childhood?  Maybe the constant discord with my siblings ------ in my own family we just did not get along, and I was partly to blame for that probably. I know I wasn't the best brother.

The good news about that is that as adults we have improved a lot, and I can only hope I'm doing better now (which I might be).

I gotta post this before my Linux Laptop crashes. You never know when it's going to crash.

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