Monday, March 20, 2017

More Famous Email

A year or two ago my spam box was being inundated with emails that claimed to be from essentially famous people. My spam box even said "there's a millionaire who wants to date you!"

Of course, I wasn't too sure about the authenticity of these emails, but it is true that Avril Lavigne or her body double have made appearances in my life more than once in the past year or so.

No email from Avril, but yeah, I'd get email saying a millionaire wants to date me (which I ignored besides seeing it), and then Avril or her body double show up at the clinic that helps me recover from my childhood.

Anyway ---- I was looking at financial information about companies I might ever potentially invest in online, when the email ding'd on my ipad.

I checked my email.

OK -- here we go again::::: A very famous business person has apparently just written to me.  OK then.

Email basically said the economy is doomed, and the government can't stop it from happening.

Take it all with a grain of salt......

but yeah, just weird to be doing investment "research" when I get an email in my inbox that claims to be from a famous business person. It looks like spam, but who knows.

So yeah, famous business person warns that economy is gonna blow. Or "implode", as the email said.

Is it real? who knows --- just very weird.

What's even weirder about this email is that it was sent to an address I have only used for pornography websites.

I have my regular email accounts for different purposes ---- the email addy that received this message was my old porno email. So whatever.

Yeah. huh.

I actually don't like sex that much, to me it's a nuisance and I like staying away from it ----- but as a young man full of testosterone I know that often times I was so driven with sexual appetite. So that's what that email was for ---- I just haven't used it for ANYTHING for a LONG time.

So, it's just weird that this old email that I pretty much never used got an email from a billionaire.

Who knows how.  Who knows how real it is.

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