Wednesday, March 29, 2017


So sometimes last year I was contacted by a Japanese person (in Japanese) who was interested in doing some kind of business with me that involved lots of money.

When I showed some of the message to my Dad's Japanese friend who I wanted to help me as an interpreter, he did NOT believe these messages were real --- and everyone around me generally thought it was all fake and scammy.

Anyway, from what I understood of this person's messages, they did identify themselves, and their Facebook profile said they had worked on a bunch of Marvel movies.

I thought Marvel was owned by Disney, so I thought this person was a Disney Employee.

But I turned on my Forge this morning and saw that Sony is behind the next Spider-Man movie.

Ah ---- a Japanese person from SONY --- makes a lot more sense now. I was confused about why Disney would be dealing in Japanese.

Anyway, I have difficulty understanding Japanese so I largely ignore her emails ---- and some of the newer emails weren't quite making sense to me ------ and even in Japanese I think there are too many typos to make this totally understandable ------

So, I could maybe understand if SONY was trying to get me to build a game for PS4 or something, but she didn't mention PS4. So I don't know.

Basically, SONY or Disney or whoever you are::: if you want to do business with me, I would need it in English. The Japanese is just too misunderstandable. Everyone thought the messages were fake scam mail.

When Xiaomi sent me an email:::: they sent it in English!!! It wasn't too clear why they wanted me to have an account at their company, but still::: it was in english!!!

So, I'm sorry if you guys feels like I'm ignoring you too much and if business doesn't make sense right now, but I don't handle stress very well and the Japanese is just too hard to understand. And there are so many typos and such that I can't help but wonder if the emails are fake, like everyone around me.

I'm currently signed up for a computer science course online ---- but though I have lots of free time, I barely spend any time on this course even, because, well, I'm not sure why, I guess I don't like doing it that much, or my attention span is too short, or maybe it stresses me -----

but yeah, I'm considered to be mentally ill, even severely handicapped, and meds only take me so far to mental improvement.

So, I'm sorry if I seem like I'm not paying attention::: but it's just too much to deal with when you send lots of Japanese messages.

Yeah, not much of a clue over here, sorry, especially when my interpreter wouldn't believe in it.

but the real reason behind this post is that I thought they were Disney, when in fact they may have been Sony, which makes a bit more sense. But it all may have been fake anyway.

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