Friday, March 24, 2017

In Awe of the God Mystery

I have watched a bunch of Atheism youtube videos in the past years - talking about how (in their science) science hasn't found God and how religion is full of evils -----

I will agree that religion can be very dysfunctional and maybe even evil, but in my own science, in my own observations of my reality --- GOD IS REAL.

In my last post I talked about how I asked God if I would win the lottery, and then I ALMOST won.

I forgot to mention in that post that on Monday I just out of the blue decided to take out the cards and poker chips and have a few play hands of poker with my family for fun ---- not knowing that this very same day Poker Lotto had been released. I don't normally play poker with my family, but that day I just magically decided to --- on the same day the Poker Lotto game was released, except I didn't know about the new lottery game.

And then I realized a memory I had which I posted about where I asked God for the winning Pick 3 numbers, and the voice or whatever in my head just told me what was printed on the front page of the lottery website.

In fact, in my reality, I can often know before I scratch if my scratch n' win ticket is a winner. It's not a perfect system of knowing because I think there are some mistakes --- but I have found it immensely useful to ask God about my chances of winning the scratch n' win before I play.

God is a big mystery. You often don't see Him anywhere, but he is there, as a voice in your head, telling you things you should not otherwise know.

Atheists say God could not be found anywhere in their explorations ---- but for me, somehow God is basically in my head, and he's telling me things I shouldn't know from my regular 5 senses.

The concept of God being inside us is well documented in Christian Texts.

Mormonism wasn't perfect or even that great --- but one great thing the Mormons did for me was introduce me to God and the concept of personal revelation.

Mormonism, as atheists would likely point out, is FULL of problems ------ but they did teach me useful things about talking to God, and stuff like that.

I think the atheists have a very interesting perspective on God and religion ---- but I don't accept it fully because from personal experience, on many occasions, there is something more out there that I can only think or know to call "God".

In some ways the psychiatrists have put the church to shame, but conversely the church knew things that the psychiatrists did not understand or even believe in.

The mormon church is at best dysfunctional at this point, but I did learn things from them which are very interesting and even realistic (in my experience).

There IS magic in the LDS Mormon church. I don't know how or why -- but I know it is there. I experienced it for myself.

Anyway ---- Atheists are very interesting and even very smart, but from what I've experienced they miss the mark ----- I have so much experience with a magical reality that I will not deny it --- because I know it is real.

The doctors can drug me, but I still know what I know.

The church is dysfunctional and full of betrayal --- but they do have some sense of a greater reality.

With psychiatry, in my past experience, anything to do with voices in your head and  you have a problem right away.

But it was the church that taught me about personal revelation ---- and personal revelation is very effective when it comes as a voice in your head, in my experience.

The voices that the doctors believe to be illness, and some mormons in high positions believe to be illness, are actually communications from a paranormal or maybe supernatural source that explain things you should know without knowing with your 5 senses.

Right now, I remember hearing a voice say "That bird's dead!" only later to find that day that our pet bird had died.

I remember hearing "Giant air strike!" in my mind, only to find out later from the news that the Americans had just performed a giant air strike in their war effort ----

the voices, which doctors drugged me for, are actually truthful and relevant.

And thankfully, a psychologist I once talked to accepted that.

But we also know that some voices are liars, and this is where mental illness comes from.

Sometimes the voices in your head don't tell the truth.  And it can drive a man mad.

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