Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Bought a "Magic 8 Ball"

In my last post I remarked that a news story based on a seance with the Mormon Holy Ghost may not be viewed as an accurate source of information.

Then I bought a magic 8 ball.

I just ran it through some telepathy zero:: it gave me two or three 2 streaks, getting it wrong each time on the 3rd time, and then it refused to give me any more answers, always saying things like "Cannot predict now".

It definitely seemed to work well enough with Telepathy 0, but then it just became non-determinate.

Yeah, I asked it a whole bunch of questions::: I think I got some good answers, but again, I won't post what it said here because some people might not take too kindly to it, it's about in the same category as 'a seance with the mormon holy ghost' level of informational correctness.

It did give some good answers I think, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't 100%. It was maybe 90-95-99%, maybe. Or at least what it said seemed to true.

Whatever the case, the Magic 8 Ball's answers DID put my mind at rest, or something put my mind at rest, because I've been able to go through the past day or two or three without the same old psychological problem bullcrap going through my mind over and over again, I've had a clear head --- so I think this is good, and something my dad will obviously like.


In other news, Calgary Alberta Temple has a new Temple President!!! And guess what, he was in the companionship of home teachers my family had as my Dad finally kicked out the home teachers!

Basically, there was an ex-area 70 and a future temple president, and they were our family home teachers! And then my Dad kicked them out! (that was a long time ago).

I do admit there does appear to be some magic in the LDS church, but it may just be Satan for all I know (magic 8 ball says 'most likely', and I believe that too).

Anyway, a church that told me to forgive everything, and I go through all this horrible stuff, not lifting a finger, and then they get all petty about something that's normal --- yeah, I'm not very interested anymore.

But what's interesting about having two high ranking guys as my home teachers is that the Patriarchal blessing basically said I'd be a high-ranking mormon too --- I was supposed to rank highly, but I couldn't get past a bishop who wouldn't forgive me for being a normal human.


So, the magic 8 ball has given answers, and the answers have put my mind at rest. Or whatever put my mind at rest.

it's good, because the magic 8 ball does seem mostly trustworthy, strangely enough, but I know I shouldn't post it's answers on my blog because it may not be viewed as accurate or may be seen as "not good things to say".

But it gave me answers, and I managed to get through a whole day without the psychological problems, I had a clear head --- so that's good.

but yeah, I am aware that the 8 ball isn't 100% right, sometimes it changes it's answers, sometimes it gives an answer depending on the setting it seems, so it's weird.

I know, I seem crazy to put my trust in a toy like this, but it does appear to have some idea, weirdly.

I mean, it only just managed to answer a bunch of telepathy 0 tests right, and then it refused to answer after that! Amazing!


Further testing of the magic 8 ball on telepathy 0 shows that the device isn't much help. It doesn't do much to help.

But when I asked God for help, and did Telepathy 0 with my own mind, I got another 7 streak this evening.


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