Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Did something go wrong with my mac? Or what is this?

I'll just explain my symptoms here, this is weird:

So, I've been learning and using XCode recently. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this.

But 9 minutes ago my notifications on my mac said I had like 100-something notifications from Facebook.

I opened my browser to look at Facebook to see what's going on ---- there's not much out of the ordinary to discuss.

So I clicked on the top-right hand corner icon on my mac (the horizontal lines) and found the same notification repeated over like a hundred times:

 "Kris, find more of your friends on Facebook".

This is normally the kind of thing Facebook sends me, because I am a man of few friends ---- but how'd I get this like 100 times over?

Plus - notice in my screenshot how the notifications centre is all bright and light-based?

Didn't that happen to used to be darkened? What happened? I looked for a setting in my System Preferences to switch between light and dark -- maybe it's just me but I couldn't find it.

Maybe I'm just thinking of Budgie Remix's darkened notifications, and maybe I only updated to Sierra a little while ago ---- but yeah, I remembered the notifications to be dark, and now they're light.

And maybe it was just me, but I couldn't find a light vs dark setting in the Preferences just yet.

Does XCode have anything to do with this? A hundred notifications all telling me the same useless stuff, and a different color scheme?

Was I hacked, or is this a virus of some kind? Dunno.

Just very weird.

I suppose I should just mention that in my XCode playing I built two simple apps and sent them to my Sister and Brother-in-Law who also use macs as freeware. So who knows.

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