Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crazy Life

Like normal, my brain is working pretty hard again just reflecting on so many aspects of things I have experienced, like memories, and things I have written.

My life has been absolutely crazy.

But, it appears, we do happen to live in a very crazy world, so that might explain that.

Maybe things could have turned out better for me, but things definitely could have been worse ---- so all things considered, my life has actually turned out pretty well considering my circumstances. Mostly thanks to a more or less caring community.

When I look back on my life, there are actually so many things I wish had been different --- but I didn't really have much or any control over these factors.

Life has been absolutely insane, and I'm very lucky that things actually turned out so well for me.

Things aren't perfect for me, but things just seem to progressively get better. So we'll see.

And yeah --- I am so sick of so many things I've been through. I wish my life could have been very different. The destination to this point is pretty decent, but the journey sucked so hard.

I can easily see how I could've or could end up a madman.  There's just too much insanity that has surrounded me in all these different walks of life.

And though the psychiatrists weren't perfect, they have obviously definitely helped. So yay psychiatry.

I have been previously told that I think too much. And yeah, I think maybe it would be nice if my mind could rest from the swirl of thoughts about all the crap that goes on. But in my world, I have little better to do than think.

I do wish I could have friends --- but mostly people seem to prove themselves irresponsible or unlikable somehow.  When the christians say "we are all imperfect" --- they mean it.

Yeah, in my mind there just seem to be an emphasis on the madness in my own thoughts.  Things had just been so wrong for so long.

But, a caring community has helped me, so that is good.

So, not much more to say than that I'm reflecting on how crazy my life has been, all the madness from many directions.

And things turned out pretty well considering, thanks mostly to psychiatry.

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