Monday, March 6, 2017

Caffeine in the Morning

One of my Evils as a child was my Mormonism.

It's not really fully my fault I was a Mormon, it was more my parents' choice than my own,

and I didn't give in completely to mormonism very easily either --- and then eventually I completely rejected them -----

But for a while I completely loved it and was completely in to it.

Is that wrong?  Maybe I was innocent, but Mormonism is a bit of a disaster so yes, it was pretty wrong.

Mormonism is the kind of religion that will say one thing, and then do another.

Like, they'll preach to people in England, telling them they don't practise polygamy, but when the English "saints" come to america to join Zion, they find out that polygamy was actually being practised --- the Mormon missionaries lied.

The Mormon church will teach and give the impression that they're totally friendly with the Jews --- but the Book of Mormon tells a different story.

Anyway, one thing I did while I was still doing the Mormon thing was early Morning seminary.

In early Morning seminary you'd learn Jesus quotes like "don't hide your light under a bushel, let it shine for the world to see " (or something like that, basically meaning tell people about the truth rather than keeping it secret).  And this quote was interesting because the Mormons don't even follow it --- they keep their Temple ceremonies hidden.

Anyway, I'd get up for early morning seminary, and then I'd basically be dozing off in class or at least trying to get some sleep in class because it was so early in the morning and I was tired.

What's weird about the church is they'd make you do all this stuff, they'd make you do all these works, they'd make you a very busy person, and you'd be falling asleep in Seminary because it was so early in the morning ----

And of course caffeine is banned. Or they said it was at least.

Now that I'm older, I've found that a cup of tea or coffee has enough caffeine that it's a GREAT way to start the day.

Caffeinated soft drinks don't have caffeine content like tea or coffee.

Anyway, if the Mormons wanted me to be truly fully productive during seminary, they should have had me drinking heavily caffeinated beverages to wake me up ----- tea would have been fine, coffee would have been great.

But, of course, tea and coffee are no-no's in mormonism.

They want you doing all these works, even early in the morning, yet they can't even just let you become awake and truly effective with tea or coffee.

It was kind of counter-intuitive.

So now that I've left Mormonism, now I LOVE tea and coffee.


Another bit of good news is that I'm more capable of sitting down and reading a book now these days.  I'm still kind of ADD, because I don't do it for as long as I should, and I like letting my mind wander, but the simple fact that I can take a boring moment in my life and just read something is really great.

So that's good news.

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