Thursday, March 23, 2017

Almost won a lottery prize

In The Book of Finch I tell the stories of how I mostly or almost predicted the Pick 3 properly as well as how I printed an old Super 7 ticket in 2007 and all three quick picks had the numbers 23 in them on the day The Number 23 movie was released in theaters.

On Monday, the Spring Equinox, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation released a new lottery game for us western canadians to play::: Poker Lotto.

I played twice on Day 2 of the lottery, the first times I played. No luck. The best I did was match three numbers (but wrong suits) on the nightly draw on one ticket.

So with Poker Lotto in Canada, there are two ways to win::: Instant win, and nightly draw. An instant win is if you get a good poker hand when you get your quick pick.

Anywho, today I was at a corner store, and I quietly asked God in my mind "If I play poker lotto right now, will I win an instant win?"  The answer I thought I got from God was affirmative. Basically, as I understood God in my mind, I would win the instant win if I played at that time.

So I go to buy my drink, and I also ask for the Poker Lotto ticket.

The numbers are printed:::::

results? I was ONE card away from a Straight. I would have gotten a straight if my Jack was a 2 instead.

I was TWO cards away from a Straight Flush.

I mean, since I lost the instant win, this seems like nothing ---- but in the first to tickets I played I didn't get nearly as close to a real hand.

If I had gotten the straight, I think my instant prize would have been $20.

if I had gotten a straight flush, the prize I think would have been $1000.

But yeah, just interesting like that, how I could ask God about my chances, get a good response, and then BOOM --- I'm off by one card.

So what went wrong? Who knows. maybe I am a little bit cursed in my life, which does seem to make sense. Or maybe God doesn't love me enough. I don't know. Whatever.

But to me, it was just amazing to have a positive response in my head, and then ALMOST get the prize.

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