Thursday, February 16, 2017

You have to be careful with religion

So, I turned on my Forge TV and saw a news story about the Liberal party wanting to protect religions (particularly islam).

They extended this idea to all religions, but Islam in particular because of how they recently got targeted.

From my perspective as having grown up as an LDS Mormon::: I have this much to say:::

You really have to be careful about the whole religion shebang.

Mormonism is institutionally narcissistic. That's not a good thing.

In Mormonism you learn that if moved upon by "the spirit", you could behead/murder someone and be justified in the Mormon religion (referencing the story of Nephi beheading Laban in 1st Nephi).

And read my open letter to Radio Clash ------ Mormonism gets VERY CONFUSING about where they stand on certain issues.

In the end, to me, Mormonism seems very mentally ill. In fact, it has been understood by a US Government Agency that Utah is THE MOST mentally ill state in the USA.  And with all the Mormons, I do not wonder why.

Yes, the Mormons try to be good and well meaning, but someone who fully understands the religion could end up becoming a super-nazi and then getting confused by all the mental illness.

I'm serious.

The LDS church eventually pulled the talks by Ezra Taft Benson from their website, but for a while they had talks published on their website where Benson talks about how the Holocaust was God's will, according to his own teaching and in accordance with 2nd Nephi 25:16 in the Book of Mormon.

I just get really confused.

So, if the Liberals want to protect religion - that's their choice ---- but from my Mormon perspective, it's not making a lot of sense.

I will also just mention that Mormonism believes EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE MORMON in order to be saved, but MOST PEOPLE do NOT believe in Mormonsim, and even MOST MORMONS EVENTUALLY REJECT THEIR OWN FAITH BECAUSE THEY REALIZE HOW DUMB IT IS.

So, Back however many years ago, it was said 2/3rds of Mormons quit the church, and I can only suspect the number of quitters has gotten bigger. There are big reasons for that.

So, from my Mormon perspective, be very careful about trying to protect religions.

Mormonism does teach so good or sort of good things, but there's also a whole bunch of nonsense that comes out of the church.

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