Friday, February 24, 2017

Taxes and Friends

I write so much, and the only two people I can write to consistently are my grandparents and an old psychiatric nurse ---- but I have so much to say and so few people to say it to. thank God for the blog.

Since posting about my $1500 website value, with how I haven't even made that much from sales, my value dropped ~1/3rd.

But if Bungie made 500 million on Destiny Day One, and Avril Lavigne's site is worth 1/10th the price of Bungie's, then Avril made about 45-50 million from Album sales? Not unlikely.

But If I'm 1/10th the value of Avril ---- then I must've been making about 5 million.

So, according to revenue of the business versus website value, that 2.6 million price tag on my book over Christmas wasn't so far off maybe.

Who knows ---- I might be paying 50% in taxes and the rest might go into an unknown RDSP or paying back my benefits for life. Who knows.

I don't know any of this for certain - I can just suspect it with the data I've seen.

I just suspect that information is being hidden from me, but there are small leaks like nurses saying "You should get an RDSP" which doesn't make much sense with my income.

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