Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Strange Photo found in my iPhoto library

This morning I woke up, turned on my Forge TV, and saw some interesting banana-related content in the video feed, so I decided to take some screen shots with my iphone.

i was just looking at my iPhone's photo library (which I have sync'd with icloud) ---- just moments after taking these photos of my Forge TV, and supposedly at the same location where I took the original photos, there was another picture that appeared in my library.

I have no idea what it is.  It looks like it could be some kind of piece of unfinished art, with very dark black areas and grey areas.

Here's the thing:: every time I take a photo with my phone, the photo is a little video of sound and motion that plays when I use 3D touch on my iPhone.

The photos I had taken were live Photos.  This photo was NOT a live photo - it is static.

It looks pretty - painting-ish to me. Just very dark and greyish light colours.

the shape?

TWO things it might resemble in my mind, although I could easily be wrong:

1) It looks kind of like a map of Israel/Palestine, but not quite.
2) It also looks like it could be a painting of the torso of a person (or angel?) in a robe.

But that's only my opinion of what it looks like.

I really have no idea.

How'd the photo get there? What is it?

Very strange.


So just moments ago I was laying on my bed, in my darkened bedroom, looking at this strange unknown mystery image on my iPad.

I'm doubtful that this is a map of Israel/Palestine, but in the visual comparisons I could make with the map of that region I noticed that the "west bank" looks a lot like one of those "alien faces" you often hear about in those UFO shows, or whatever kind of show talks about aliens.

You know the look, gray skin, big black eyes ---- yes, the "west bank" of this map looks kind of like one of those alien faces.

And as I realized this, I noticed a white light in my bedroom with my peripheral vision, which quickly disappeared. There is little to no reason I should have seen a light like that.

What the heck???

So, I'm still not really sure what the picture is, or where it comes from, but it looks like it's got one of those alien faces on it.  The alien's face is either protruding from the angel's chest, or the blackness might signify a door or something maybe? I don't know.

So, it kind of looks like an alien coming out of someone's chest, except I can't be certain it's a person around the alien face, it might be a doorway or something. No idea.

Just a really weird picture that shouldn't be there. I definitely didn't snap that, definitely not at that moment ---- yet it says I took the picture.

I didn't take that picture, but that's an image immediately following pictures I did take on my camera roll.


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