Monday, February 27, 2017

Psychological Evaluations

I just watched College Humor's "Retarded Test" this morning. It reminded me of my experiences with a certain church I was once a part of. (Like, being told I'll witness and perform miracles, and then being forced on drugs for believing in miracles).

Then a little while later, I started remembering that in psychological evaluations, they ALWAYS seem to ask these two questions:

"What does 'a rolling stone gathers no moss' mean?"


"What does 'don't throw rocks in glass houses' mean?"

I've never been able to answer these questions. My mind just couldn't figure out what the authors of these statements were trying to say.

So I just looked it up on Google right now.

I just have to say, that I feel victimized by having been raised as a Mormon. It wasn't my choice my parents joined the Mormon church, and I only joined the church for hopes my sister would learn to behave herself (which she did MANY YEARS LATER --- which means the church was basically useless).

'A rolling stone gathers no moss' means that if you don't stay in one spot, you won't accumulate wealth and status.

The Mormon church told me to be a travelling preacher to the nations, as the Lord's lifetime servant ---- and is always telling the young men to spend two years away from home on their own dime.

The psychiatrist just saved my life.

'Don't throw rocks in glass houses' means that you shouldn't condemn or criticize other people for doing something you do yourself --------

and yes, this was getting very screwy in my life regarding the Mormons as well.

A bishop could deny the holy ghost, and mormons would say you can't criticize it --- so obviously the non-critical mormons are guilty of the same act,

while we know everyone masturbates and looks at porn, but he church would constantly criticize and condemn this, regardless of the fact that we all know we're all doing it.


I was basically raised in a church being told believe and do all kinds of nonsense ----- and I was actually doing the right thing by rebelling against my father, just like Jesus said in ACTUAL Christianity.

I joined the church because I thought it would teach my sister better behaviour --- and I turned out to be wrong.  Just because they are named after Jesus Christ doesn't mean they actually teach or do Jesus Christ. They are false christs.

My insanity turned out to be a good thing for me. I was smart enough that I didn't have to serve a mission.

It has been said that "Genius Borders on Insanity" ----- very true. I believe it.

I was the guy who actually got out of the church early. I wasn't totally Genius because the church still held some sway in my life for a long time ------

But yes, there must be a very good reason why they are called "Mormons", or why the book of mormon is called the book of "mormon".

Psychological evaluation questions just go to show that the church doesn't actually have any wisdom.

They tell you to do all this travelling, but that will not help you.

They tell you not to criticize the leaders, and then they all criticize very small things that most people do. If the leader is doing something wrong, and you don't criticize it, then obviously you are guilty of the same thing yourself.  And you end up criticizing normal things that most or all people do anyway.

Yes, it is retarded,

and the Psychiatrist saved my life.

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