Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More on the Mail

My Dad phoned up Canada Post today to ask them about what's going on with the mail.

The basic idea that my dad got from the conversation is that there's someone who is holding up the mail, as in keeping it back, or there's a backlog or something.

This doesn't completely surprise me, considering for a long time, in order for my Dad to satiate his appetite for his hobby, he would constantly be ordering things online, and we'd be getting a new package of something in the mail EVERY DAY pretty much.

With how my Dad would get new packages like every day, I can't help but think it would be normal to have a backlog, with the number of things he gets shipped.

Anyway, another part of the story is that Canada Post doesn't track mail anymore, or doesn't track registered mail, or something.

There was a package that my dad ordered three months ago he had on his mind today --- we received a package in the mail today for my Dad, but it wasn't the one from three months ago ---- it was ordered BEFORE the one from three months ago.

As for myself, I only have two packages that haven't arrived. One from early to mid last year and one later last year.

I remember being so annoyed, waiting for my mail, getting daily packages for my Dad and nothing for me. And it never came.

For the first package, I told ebay the product never arrived after a long time waiting and I got a refund.

After the second order didn't arrive, I knew something was wrong, so I didn't challenge the seller.

If I do get my packages, then I'll likely end up paying the guy I got the refund from again.

But yeah ---- there's  a backlog or someone is holding up the mail, and with how my Dad was pretty much receiving packages daily for a long time, it shouldn't be surprising.

And my stuff just disappears - I don't get my mail, likely because my Dad can't restrain himself from buying his crap off ebay.

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