Monday, February 6, 2017

Mail not arriving

I first noticed this partway through last year, and again later in the year.

My Dad has started noticing this too.

We've both ordered products, typically off of ebay ---- and somehow they never arrive.

If packages are sent by courier ---- my dad observes they come properly.

If they are supposed to come by mail, such as Canada Post (so for an american this would be USPS giving it to Canada post), somehow some packages just have a way of never arriving.

So: what are we supposed to do? Who do we call?

As you might imagine, it's pretty annoying to order products from Ebay and find that they never come.

So yeah, anyway, I'm writing this post because this has happened to both my father and myself, and my Dad was talking about it with me today.

we order on ebay, it's sent by mail, and somehow it just never shows up to be delivered.

Multiple products gone missing this way.

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