Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lottery Weirdness

What the heck????

So I was riding home with my Dad from a little excursion today --- I quickly asked God if he could tell me tonight's winning Pick 3 numbers, because I have some experience (mentioned in The Book of Finch) asking God for lottery numbers, and they turn out to be correct.

Well, reality is weird.

I ended up getting two sets of numbers for Pick 3 tonight.

God told me "5 7 1", but I thought I might've misunderstood so I also made a mental note of "5 9 1"

But when I bought the ticket, I had made a mistake::: I got "5 7 1" and "6 9 1".

Anyway, when I got home I decided to check the lottery app on my phone to see what last night's winners were.

"1 7 2".

I realize that "1 7 2" is basically just "5 7 1" backwards with 2 replacing 5, so I then realized God might've tricked me, and I went to write this blog post ------

but after I turned on my computer, I went to to have a second look at the past Winning Pick 3 number ----- but the number on the website wasn't last night's number.

Last night was the 25th of February.  The date on the website was for the 22nd.  And the winning number on the 22nd? "5 7 1" --- the exact same number I chose.

I looked at "past winning numbers" to see if I could get an updated list, but the list only went to the 23rd, didn't go all the way to the 25th ----

and the 23rd's winning number is "6 6 1" ---- "6 9 1" with 6 replacing the 9.

OK ---- So obviously something is really messed up somewhere.  Something strange is going on.

First off, WCLC should be showing last night's (Saturday's) Pick 3 number on their front page, not last Wednesday's.

Second off, how did I ask God, in my mind only, for winning numbers and he gave me the numbers on the front page of

Something really strange going on here.

Is it the lottery technology, or is it really God and my mind? Just like - woah - something weird.

Anyway, Seeing as how God gave me a recent past winning number, I am not totally expecting to win tonight ----- so if you want to play with my numbers tonight, do so at your own risk.

Just friggin' weird. You know?

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