Friday, February 17, 2017

It's not so hard to pay - so why's it so hard?

Today I borrowed $40 from my Mom to order pizza.

I asked my brother for some of his Jelly Beans, but he declined to let me have any.

So, when the pizzas arrived, my brother was in a moral position where he pretty much had to pay me for pizza if he wanted some.

I got a pretty good deal on the pizzas, so I set the price to $1 per slice.

And he easily just pulled out $3 and paid me.

Compared to the book and video game business, my brother's payment was quick and easy, while my digital distribution seems to have serious difficulty in getting people to pay me honestly.

My brother and I both make about the same amount of income.

We both pay our parents monthly to live at home.

By ourselves, our incomes aren't very good, but maybe we just have some kind of advantage to live with our parents, because it's so easy for us to pay $3-$10 for some food, while all these people on the internet just won't pay a thing for anything I do, and I don't ask much.

Yeah, I'm basically just complaining again.  It's easy for my very ill brother to pay me for pizza --- so why is it so hard for most people to pay a small price for a book or video game?

It's frustrating for me.

The one good thing that comes out of not being paid, is that when I am very forgiving, I expect God to be very forgiving to me.

And that point goes back to the Mormon church again, because the Mormon church told me to forgive everything, and though I forgave so much in my life up to that point --- the bishop just WOULD NOT forgive me for masturbating, a victimless sin that actually helps me avoid commit sexual assault. So, again, the church seems pretty dumb, when they punish me for doing something that is actually beneficial, when they are always saying "forgive everything".

Anyway. yeah.

Life's just kind of frustrating I guess.

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