Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Is this website actually worth something???

I googled myself. I googled "Kris Attfield".

Eventually, I found ""'s blurb about my site health and status things.

Somehow, they estimated that my site is worth $1498

I am surprised.

In all my time selling books and video games, all these years, I haven't even made that much in revenue.

I wonder how they made that estimation.

It's nice to see that estimation, but with an estimation like that, you'd think I'd be making more money.

My site is worth something, more than my work has ever earned from sales. Wow.

I can think of a zillion different possible reasons why I'm not making money, ranging from Catholics think it's wrong to meet Jesus and then try to become rich to the government is making me repay benefits to people just don't buy things,

but who knows what's really going on.

There has been some pressure for me to move out of my parents' home, but on the benefit I receive from the government it isn't happening so easily, one person noted you can't live on this benefit --- so either the government has to increase my benefit, or someone's going to have to pay me honestly for once (or forever).

Anyway, just interesting. I'm worth something. Yay.

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