Monday, February 13, 2017


I took this screenshot just a moment ago.

With how finicky and emotional I get about my games --- yes, in my mind I'm going "yahoo!" ----

But I do watch rankings of my own games and games I buy and play ---- and at a ranking like this I would have thought I sold a copy of Blaine Bananatree.

Blaine Bananatree lasts only 5 minutes, and without excessive downloads going around, the only real explanation for how my rank got this high is that I sold a copy.

But no sales report. Maybe one will come, but I don't know.

Actually, it's possible that a copy I already sold is being replayed over and over again, I guess.  Or maybe someone just really likes this game, as could be expected if you have a sense of humor.

So, I'm happy my rank is so high ----- but I don't totally understand it unless I sold a copy, which no sale as of yet is reported.

Is money everything? No ---- being a video game developer is fun all by itself. My life is happy and comfortable the way it is.

I try to earn money so maybe I can learn to drive, own a vehicle, own my own house. At this rate, those goals are way off.

At least I can live with my parents.

but, believe it or not, I understand if my earnings are needed to keep the Cortex business running or if the government is making me repay my benefits.

It's possible that because the government gives me benefits that they might end up putting their hands into my Cortex pockets to pay for my benefits. Possible. And I understand that.

But I do wish I could make a bunch of money so I can afford to live without my parents.

But, in the end, that's not totally necessary at this point, because I can just live with my mom and dad.

So, I'm comfortable, I pretty much have everything I need, so that's good, but I often wonder about moving out on my own. I like living at home, but having the option to buy my own place would have been nice too. :)

But yeah ----- the government gives me a disability benefit, so it only seems possible that they pay for my benefit from my sales. But who knows really eh?

The last time a sale was reported to me, the game in question was ranked better than 100 on the O-Rank.

But the last several times I BOUGHT games, those games only went to about 400 or better on the O-Rank.

So whatever.

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