Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deleted Last Post

I deleted the last post I made on this blog.

I'm just a bit afraid it might've been found too offensive, maybe. No one said anything to me, and it wasn't meant to be offensive, but I know that having delirious thoughts from the holy ghost may not be viewed as the most accurate source of information about Joseph Smith, and someone might take issue with what I said.

It's true that the delirious thoughts stopped right as I posted that blog post last night. I was having all kinds of delirious thoughts, and when I posted on blogger the thoughts were gone.

So, I don't know if anyone took issue with what I said, but in my mind I was fearful that someone might've, so I took down the post.

But I did look up Nephi scriptures and yes, in 2nd? Nephi 25:25 he teaches that the law is dead. I had some idea that nephi said something like that.

And there's a big piece of information from last night that weighs heavily on my mind now, but I'm not going to reprint it because someone just might take issue with it. Doesn't mean it wasn't true however (about Joseph Smith).

But yeah, my source was basically some kind of seance with the Holy Ghost, which may not be viewed as accurate, so I've taken the post down.

Sorry about that.


Oh yeah, and Mormon.org did send me an email that I received today, so they might'v sent it this morning or last night. Just has something to do with their Mormon profiles, so the probably weren't even aware of what I said ----- but they did send me an unusual email, so who knows.

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