Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why I Can't be richer maybe?

So, this morning as I woke up I decided to write about another reason why I might not be allowed to make so much money off of my projects.

Of course, people really might just not be buying anything, as 80% of the population apparently doesn't have money,

but I grew up as a Mormon.

When you join mormonism at the age of 8, you are either doing it because it's the thing to do that "everyone" does, or you're doing it because you think the Holy Ghost has told you, or it's because, in my case, you thought it would be a good morality to try to get your family involved with.

I joined the Mormon church because I thought it represented a great system of great morality that would lead my family out of the dark ages and into new light.

At that age, I didn't fully know what I was getting involved with. I thought I was joining some great ethical or moral organization ------ turned out I was just a "Mormon" because I didn't know very much about the actual truth about it.

LDS Mormonism might claim to be a high moral standard or superior morality, but in reality it is far from being that. In my grown-up opinion, Mormonism is actually amoral or even immoral.

Basically, with how half my family (the girls) still subscribe to it, and they refuse to give up their involvement/belief in it, it's possible that I just can't be trusted to take care of all the money I could've made.

Mormons like to believe they are supposed to give everything they have to the church.

If I made 10 million dollars, it would be a disaster if all that money ended up with the church.

Half my family still believes in and follows that church, so therefore maybe I can't be trusted to have my money.

Or maybe, conversely, society decided I can't have my money because I am now opposed to Mormonism ---- but this seems far less likely.

Basically, I thought I was being a Morally good boy by joining the Mormon church --- as I grew up I learned more, and it turned out the organization is actually not so great in reality.

Maybe that's why I can't have lots of payment.

My parents doomed me just by joining that church. But I suspect they may have joined the church because of the severe mental illness in our family.

What's interesting now however, is the severely mentally ill members of our family (me, my brother (+Dad)) gave up belief in the organization while the closer to normal members of my family still believe in it. Very weird.

Anyway, I guess I was doomed from birth, but that actually doesn't make me much different than so many other people ------ actually, I'm in pretty good condition all things considered.

So yeah, LDS Mormonism ain't so great, and half my family believes in it, so maybe that's why I can't make it rich.

Also::: My mom has thought out loud about how much she actually doesn't want to be so rich. So maybe that's a reason too.

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