Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Info

My last post said that maybe I'm not making money because part of my family is Mormon, and it would be a shame if my money I earned ended up with the Mormon church, saying this might be a reason I'm not making money.

I said it was also possible that they don't pay me because I'm opposed to Mormonism, but I found that reason less likely.

Well, I watched President Trump take the oath of office yesterday, and I noticed they had The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing right before he took his oath.

OK.  Well, that confuses me.  Or maybe it shouldn't:::: MOST people did not live with Mormonism, most people aren't as well versed in it as I am or was, so most people don't understand how awful I learned it to be.

There are some 'good' or 'good-ish' things about the Mormons. I know they even do have their magic.

But after fully analysing the religion, you'll find it's highly suspect of being fraudulent.

But anyway::: I guess the Americans try not to have prejudice towards their various religious sects, as they said at some point during the ceremony.

One of my personal biggest problems with Mormonism however, was when my bishop was prejudiced against Avril Lavigne simply because she was a rock star.

That seemed totally unreasonable to me.

Mormons claim they are anti-racist, but their history is full of racism, especially towards blacks, but also towards Jews and other Christian sects.

So, maybe my opposition to Mormonism is why I don't get paid (but there are other potential reasons),

but to me, it just shows that the Americans are uneducated or ignorant about that church when they have them singing at the inauguration ceremony.

I do wish President Trump luck or blessings or success for his term in office.

There are just so many possible reasons why my business failed, and my wandering mind likes the speculate as to why.

Yesterday they said a lot of Americans are or were on welfare ----- maybe they just couldn't afford to buy my products.

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